The reader from the Konference: Faculty of De-programming for Obsolescence! Welcome!, is published by kuda.org

The title of the reader
Faculty of De-programming for Obsolescence! Welcome!

The reader is made within and after the (anti-) conference Faculty of De-programming for Obsolescence! Welcome!, which was held on February 27&28th 2014, in the Youth Center CK13 in Novi Sad, in production and organization by kuda.org.

Editors of the reader and of the conference: Howard Slater & kuda.org

Content of the reader:
You too can be a leftist activist!, 2nd part: Leftist conferences and summer schools, Group for Orgonetherapy by Communism
‘Sitting In’- from Autodidacticism to Unconsciousness Raising, Howard Slater
Antiuniversity of London – An Introduction to Deinstitutionalisation, Jakob Jakobsen
The Case of Thwarted (Doctoral) Work, Nikoleta Marković
A Place for Competence, Petar Atanacković
Dietzgen’s Monism Enters the Twentieth Century, Fabian Tompsett
To Make It Happen – Communicating With the Invisible, Kasper Opstrup
Anti-historicism of Anti-/-Free University, Branka Ćurčić
A Feast in February, 1971/2014, Zoran Gajić

Media against Democracy? - The Commercialization of Internet and the Crisis of Media

Multimedia Institute, Kurziv and Kulturtreger are organizing the conference:
Media against Democracy?
The Commercialization of Internet and the Crisis of Media

24/04 - 26/04/2014 @ Goethe Institut, Vukovarska 64, Zagreb

The media and journalism are undergoing a turbulent and painful period of restructuring. Joint forces of disruptive technological innovation and economic crisis have pulled the rug under the ailing print and broadcasting media and their production models. Journalism is being undercut by parallel processes of deskilling and lay-offs. Media reporting is increasingly becoming uniform and reduced to opinionated journalism, agency news and press releases. However, the roots of this process of economic rationalization are not of recent making. Although internet is frequently blamed for obliterating the business models of traditional media, this has only precipitated the fundamental problems of media in contemporary capitalist democracies that were set in motion in the decades before the internet with the growing concentration of media ownership and commercialization of media content.

Faculty of De-programming for Obsolescence! Welcome! - A Konference

Thursday, 27th February, 19-21h
Friday, 28th February, 18-20h

The Black House/Youth Centre CK13
Novi Sad, Vojvode Bojovića 13

konference organisers and editors:
kuda.org, Novi Sad & Howard Slater, London

Thwarted phd,
Proletarian university,
General intellect,
Common notions,
Free university,
Group therapy,
Orgonic being,

Aesthetic Education Expanded - Artistic Experimentation and Political Culture in the Age of Networks

Aesthetic Education Expanded is the project of collaboration of five organizations: Berliner Gazette from Germany, Kontrapunkt from Macedonia, kuda.org, Multimedia Institute from Croatia and Mute magazine from Great Britain, which is supported by the program Culture 2007-2013 of European Commission and the European Cultural Fondation (ECF).


On Uncreative Writing, lecture by Kenneth Goldsmith

Tuesday, July 16th 2013 at 20h
Novi Sad, Youth Center CK13
within the event An Archive/Live Archive/UnArchive
organized by kuda.org, Novi Sad and Multimedia Institute mi2, Zagreb

Can techniques traditionally thought to be outside the scope of literature, including word processing, databasing, identity ciphering, and intensive programming, inspire the reinvention of writing? The Internet and the digital environment present writers with new challenges and opportunities to reconceive creativity, authorship, and their relationship to language. Confronted with an unprecedented amount of texts and language, writers have the opportunity to move beyond the creation of new texts and manage, parse, appropriate, and reconstruct those that already exist.