The Continuous Art Class in Budapest

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The exhibition "The Continuous Art Class" was presented within the "Parallel Chronologies – Invisible History of Exhibitions" - exhibition and symposium, which took place in May and June 2009, in the gallery Labor and Krétakör Bázis in Budapest.

Opening: May 20, 2009
On view:
Labor: 26 May – 13 June
Krétakör Bázis: 30 May – 13 June

Invisible History of Exhibitions, international symposium
Location: Krétakör Bázis, Budapest
Date: May 21 - 22, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. ( organizes an exhibition and symposium with the title Invisible History of Exhibitions, which aims at the formation of a shared knowledge and discourse on Eastern European art exhibitions from the 1960s till now.

The events take place in Budapest and are connected to a series of exhibitions, discussions and publications with the same title, initiated and organized from 2008 on by the What, How and for Whom? formation in Zagreb.

The larger framework of the project, Art Always has its consequences is a long-term international collaborative platform, that focuses on invisible, alternative histories through genres and forms of art practices such as artist text, archives, and conceptual design, which have had restricted international visibility and accessibility so far and thus are often missing from the canonized narratives of contemporary art in Eastern Europe. (