15 - 28.10.2008
Gallery of ULUV, Association of visual artists of Vojvodina
Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 9, Novi Sad

OPEN DESIGN STUDIO is an independent initiative of graphic designers who want to promote open perception of the visual communication and of the graphic design. The main focus is on organising educational activities for diverse communities and different target groups and on supporting unstereotyped thinking and perception in the visual communication through workshops, games, lectures and discussions. These activities aim at building up an interantional network of designers who want to discuss, present, create, understand and inform about issues related to the visual communication and graphic design.

Another important aim of the ODS is to open up the profession of the graphic designer and the process of his/her creative work to the wide public and thus contribute to the gradual improvement of the visual skills in the specific communities and in the society in general.

OPEN YOUR EYES! / workshop
OPEN YOUR MIND! / lectures
OPEN YOUR DESKTOP! / presentation of desgners
OPEN YOUR MOUTH! / consultation

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