Presentation of the projects Female:Pressure and Open:Sounds in the Youth Center CK13, Friday 27. March in 19h

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In the framework of the month dedicated to woman issues in the Youth Center CK13, New Media, LUGoNS-Linux User Group of Novi Sad and CK13 present:

27.03. Friday, 19h, Presentation of the projects
Female:Pressure and Open:Sounds

Guest: Andrea Mayr, Vienna (Open Source programer)

Place: Youth Center CK13, Vojvode Bojovića 13, Novi Sad,
Entrance: Free

Female:Pressure is an international database of female djs, producers and visual artists - mostly related to the electronic music scene. this database is a worldwide resource of female talent and can be searched by geographic locations, professions, styles and artist names.

"Why are there so few female activists in the electronic music scene?" - each one of us has heard this question a thousand times... here is the answer: it's not our number, it's about how and if we are recognized!

Female:Pressure intends to strengthen our networking, communication and representation. This should be a standard, that everybody interested can relate to and use for different purposes: to obtain information about certain artists, to contact them and to find out about less known women, who work in the fields of electronic music all around the globe. Every artist shown in this database is able to update her personal data remotely and independently. If you want to be part of female pressure or you know somebody, who should appear, don't hesitate to send an e-mail to:

You never walk alone!

Data base/web site is publicly available source of information, founded and designed by Viennese artist Electric Indigo during 1998 – it is technological reply on the unjust position of women djs and producers. Programing and development of the project is in the hands of Andrea Mayr, Open Source programer from Vienna.

In May 2005 open:sounds was created as an online production platform for the female:pressure community to exchange sounds and remix each others' tracks. Under the terms of a liberal creative commons license attribution-noncommercial-share alike, members of the community may freely use the musical material for new productions and remixes.

For us, this is an alternative to the conventional and sluggish way of producing our music under the full restrictions of copyright. open:sounds thus is a resource of sounds, patterns, melodies, vocals and songs created by, and accessible to, artists who are listed in the female:pressure database.

With this project we hope to stimulate and show-case the creative potential of the approximately 980 artists from 51 countries , that make up the female:pressure community. Our goal is to cultivate the exchange of ideas and sounds and raise the visibility of female creations in the seemingly male dominated fields of electronic music.

Presentation in Novi Sad is organized by New Media, LUGoNS – Linux User Group of Novi Sad, and Youth Center CK13, with support of Austrian Cultural Forum, Belgrad.