Everyone Is A Designer


Everyone Is A Designer In The Age Of Social Media
By Mieke Gerritzen and Geert Lovink (Eds.)

Published by Bis Publishers, ISBN: 978-90-6369-227-8

Everyone Is a Designer in the Age of Social Media presents the Choice Generation of 2010. Looking back at the first edition of Everyone Is a Designer in 2000, when we proposed the idea of democratization of design, a decade later this programmatic statement has become reality. We are designing our social lives, make our own choices, and create it all together! This book signals a new aesthetic movement of collaborism: a combination of socially, technologically and economically driven systematically generated visuals. A hierarchy of levels and layers, pulldown menus, buttons and blogrolls that give us access and possibilities to create visuals using style sheets, templates, renderings and frameworks for the look & feel of today’s design.

Contributions by Matthew Fuller, Alexander Galloway, Peter Lunenfeld, Ellen Lupton, Lev Manovich, Koert van Mensvoort, Metahaven, Rick Poynor, Ned Rossiter, Bruce Sterling, Clay Shirky, McKenzie Wark.

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