MANGELOS Award: The exhibition "The Curious Case of Ifs and Whens"


27th April – 12th May 2011
Exhibition opening: 27th April at 20:00

Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina
Dunavska 37, Novi Sad, Serbia

The Curious Case of Ifs and Whens
10 years of Dimitrije Bašičević Mangelos Award for young visual artists

Participants: Dušica Dražić, Siniša Ilić, Vladimir Nikolić, Ivan Petrović, Milena Putnik, Milica Ružičić, Ivana Smiljanić and Katarina Zdjelar

Curator: Radmila Joksimović

Exhibition The Curious Case of Ifs and Whens marks the tenth anniversary of the Dimitrije Bašičević Mangelos Award, one of the most relevant awards for a young visual artist in Serbia. Participants of the exhibition are former award laureates, and the opening will be followed by announcement of this year’s open call to artists for participation.

Exhibition title The Curious Case of Ifs and Whens relates to the case in which the logic of network of the conditions, circumstances, causes and consequences of interdependence and negotiation, in space of reality in which we operate, is unpredictable, and impossible to negotiate, and thus becomes a space of uncertainty and insecurity. Works in the exhibition The Curious Case of If's and When's recognize and explore some of its elements, examine the potential and scope of artistic and social action and the possibility of relocation of the point of view and its consequences.