The video archive of the Art Organization project is available in an interface that offers a comparative presentation of the material over time. On the timeline we have the opportunity to follow the research of group work, joint authorship through 3 segments: 1) video interviews of collectives and groups in the field of contemporary art, art theorists and historians, 2) recordings of public conversations made during July 2020 as part of the Vector of Collective Imagination and 3) Video of conversations focused on the Soros Centers for Contemporary Art (SCCA) that took place in the region during the 1990s, their roles and influences on the development of the scene.

You can use the interface by navigating the left and right arrows, as well as selecting elements from the timeline itself and zooming in on it. The video and text segment can be followed both from the given interface and from the links they lead to, for an enlarged view, as well as to more information about the collectives themselves.

The research team is composed of members of with associates from Belgrade and Pančevo, theoreticians and art historians Milica PekićStevan VukovićAna VilenicaDarija Medić and Ana Peraica from Split.