Designer: Author or Universal Soldier


Inspired by the exhibition of graphics by Milton Glaser, one of the biggest names in graphic design in the second half of the twentieth century, which will be shown to Belgrade audiences in March, the authors of this project have launched several parallel events in this field. The intimate, thoughtful, and inspiring Glaser exhibition Drawing is Thinking will be a stimulus and a framework for the exchange of ideas and experiences of creators from the region.

International Conference Designer: Author or Universal Soldier is a central event that brings together renowned authors, designers, and theorists from Serbia, the region, and the United States, the most famous of which are Stephen Heller and Mirko Ilic. The conference is designed as a series of lectures and discussions on the role of designers in contemporary society and will be followed by student workshops entitled Authorial and/or Universal in the language of graphic design, under the mentorship of significant domestic creators in the field of graphic design. The conference and workshops will be held from March 11th and 12th and will be preceded by a lecture by Stephen Heller and the screening of a documentary about Milton Glaser, as well as the opening of the exhibition.

The project was initiated by Kvart Magazine, the Faculty of Media and Communications, and the NGOs Mixer and Blocks, in partnership with ERSTE Bank, the United States Embassy, ​​the Open Society Fund, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade. The project is sponsored by the Belgrade Department Stores, and its support was provided by the Belgrade Cultural Center, Grafiks and Publikum printing houses, Zaplet, Iguana and Supermarket. Production of the exhibition Emzin, Ljubljana.

The organizers of the project are Mirko Ilić, Borut Wild, Mia David, Maja Lalić, Isidora Nikolić and Mina Padežanin.

Conference program: