Exhibition "World-Information.Org"

The exhibition "World-Information.Org" explores the fascinating and complex sphere of production, manipulation, control, and distribution of information. With the help of exhibits and diagrams that explain the complex nature of information technology, interactive installations, and digital works of art, the audience is offered clear and quality information about the multiple relationships between technology and society, politics, culture, art, and economy.

"World-Information.Org" is an international project implemented by Public Netbase t0 / Institute for New Technologies in Culture (http://t0.or.at), under the auspices of UNESCO. After a successful premiere in Brussels (2000), World-Information.Org was presented in Vienna (2000), Amsterdam (2002), and in Novi Sad and Belgrade (March-May 2005) as well as in some other European cities. Through exhibits and visual diagrams, interactive installations, and digital artwork, the exhibition provides visitors with quality information on the impact of the expansion of new communication systems and information networks on various aspects of society and on the professional and private lives of people. The transition from an industrial to an information society has dramatically changed the role and function of information. Today, information is one of the most valuable economic assets, and the development of the information society has produced - along with the new economy - both a new, global technical infrastructure and a historically unique power structure.World-Information.Org exhibition, conference, and its web site allows you to take a closer look at the economic, technical and political foundations of a globalizing information society. Producers and organizers of the exhibition "World-Information.Org" in Serbia and Montenegro are the New Media Center_kuda.org, Novi Sad, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, while the strategic partner and sponsor of the exhibition are the Republic Institute for the Internet.