Revitalization as an urban strategy, lecture by architects Daphne Berc, Zagreb and Luciano Basauri, Santiago de Chile

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012, at 2:00 p.m.
Hall "Ranko Radović", Department of Architecture and Urbanism, FTN, IV floor

Lecture by the architect
Dafne Berc, Zagreb, Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb
Luciano Basauri, Santiago, Chile (Santiago de Chile)

Lecture: Revitalization as an urban strategy

If the city is an organism, the new extensions are as vital as the existing parts and the state of constant change is in their nature. Existing and new tissue will always strive to redefine parts of its identity and program, with the need to expand or make a contact. Growth and urban well-being cannot be conceived without urban revitalization. Urban revitalization, in addition to plans to condense or improve consolidated public spaces, includes a discussion of unclassified urban facts - such as informal production zones or passive interspaces awaiting adoption by individuals and groups of people in need of productive, cultural, and recreational activities that they couldn't find. its place in the existing protocols of urban management, etc.

Following this reflection, the lecture intends to discuss examples of initiatives that strengthen quality urban conditions based on a careful reading of individual urban socio-urban dynamics as a whole, while creating a vision of its physical environment.

Lecture and discussion in English and Serbian.

Basauri and Berc are co-founders of the organization for urban research Analog, currently in Novi Sad on a three-month professional stay in the framework of the 'Artists-in-residency' program produced by the New Media from Novi Sad. Since 2008, has been participating in a three-month bilateral exchange program for artists and researchers in cooperation with the Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, The program is implemented in cooperation with the Institute for Culture of Vojvodina.

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