Presentation of the publishing project, The Ignorant Schoolmaster, CZKD

Tuesday, November 6, 2012, at 7 p.m.

The Ignorant Schoolmaster, forum:
CZKD, Bircaninova 21, Belgrade is a publishing project of dedicated to researching a critical approach to the politics of new media and technologies, and new relations in culture and art theory and practice. So far, seventeen editions have been published in the kuda.reads' edition, most of which are bilingual, in Serbo-Croatian and English.

Until 2011, had the status of a project, and publications were realized in cooperation with various publishers (Futura publications, Novi Sad; Revolver, Frankfurt; Autonomedia, New York, etc.), while today it has the status of an independent publisher. During the presentation, members of will try to reflect and critically review their publishing policies, which can be said to be on a seesaw between the basic promotional purpose of and the accumulation of social capital, and translation and publishing as a basis for launching a discursive and conceptual theoretical-artistic platform. The question arises: what needs to be done for the other mentioned end of the seesaw to prevail?

For more information on published publications within the project and their download: