kuda.org announces: webinars A LEXICON OF DECOLONIALITY IN EASTERN EUROPE: How to Decolonise an Art Organization? February 18th & 19th, 2022 from 16 – 21h

A LEXICON OF DECOLONIALITY IN EASTERN EUROPE: How to Decolonise an Art Organization?

February 18th & 19th, 2022 from 16 – 21h (CET) via Zoom platform


The webinars on A Lexicon of Decoloniality in Eastern Europe: How to Decolonise an Art Organization? is a continuation of a long-term research project entitled Art Organization initiated by kuda.org in 2017. The issues we have encountered in our collaboration, including misunderstandings about how things used to be in the Yugoslav period and what came after, made clear the need for a more complex approach to various forms and manifestations of colonial and neo-colonial heritage, as well as an up-to-date anticolonial and decolonial stance for the semi-periphery of Europe if this or any other project is to continue.

In Serbia, reasoned anticolonial critique of knowledge production in academia, art and local activism has been generously shared for years by the anti-racist theorist Jelena Savić, in essays published in Serbian and English, on her blog and social media, but also in local media outlets and academic books. Nevertheless, the resistance to de- and anti-colonial criticism and knowledge production remains enormous and misinterpretations ubiquitous at all points on the political spectrum, on the right, among liberals, and on the left. This resistance feeds on reactionary politics, the opportunistic stances of those whose careers and jobs depend upon the perpetuation of (neo)colonial politics and practices, as well as on inexcusable ignorance.

On a broader scale, there have been many recent events and publications worldwide about colonialism, neo-colonialism, anti-colonialism and (horizontal) decoloniality in Eastern Europe. A lot has been done to show ambivalences and contradictions of Eastern Europe’s “epistemic in-betweenness”. These conversations demonstrated, among other things, the difficulties in translating terminology made available by postcolonial studies of European empires to local contexts, making apparent the necessity of inventing new concepts that speak to local situations. The terms of the debate have been created and recreated, demonstrating how “inventing” terms of debate is not an easy task. A special challenge lies in the translation of decolonial speech from and to different languages we use.

This Lexicon-in-progress aspires to derive meaning from referring to local Eastern European experiences and creating from them an index of reference that can assist in future criticisms, debates and practices. To get this process underway, we have invited sixteen contributors taking an active part in these discussions. They have suggested sixteen notions they find constructive in these conversations. The lexicon is by no means set in stone—its entries are suggested concepts and definitions offered up for critical examination. These notions concern broader contextual issues, issues related to struggles, and issues related to art organization.

The four webinars will take place on February 18th and February 19th, in two sessions on each date, the first one starting at 16:00h CET and the second at 19:00h CET.


February 18th 16:00h (CET)

Zoom link, Meeting ID: 860 2420 6351, Passcode: 745562

Danijela Majstorović Peripheral Self

Jelena Savić Drunken Whites

Ivana Pražić Performative Solidarity

Eszter Szakács Independence

Youtube Live stream



February 18th 19:00h (CET)

Zoom link, Meeting ID: 810 4056 6863, Passcode: 329599

Živka Valiavičarska Restless History

Piro Rexhepi “Raceless” Region

Ana Sladojević Anticolonial Museum

Emina Bužinkić Research with Refugees

Youtube Live stream


February 19th 16:00h (CET)

Zoom link, Meeting ID: 879 6376 9018, Passcode: 486477

Manuela Boatcă Unequal Europes

Bojana Videkanić Nonaligned Modernism

Ovidiu Țichindeleanu Intimate Colonization

Čarna Brković Humanitarianism

Youtube Live stream


February 19th 19:00h (CET)

Zoom link, Meeting ID: 892 9880 2115, Passcode: 960140

Veda Popovici Disavowal

Zoltán Gineli Transcoloniality

Lukasz Stanek (Socialist) Worldmaking

Erin McElroy Techno-imperialism

Youtube Live stream


Editor of the Lexicon and moderator Ana Vilenica

Production kuda.org


Talks will be conducted in English.


Activities are funded through support of FfAI Foundation and International Relief Fund for Organisations in Culture and Education 2021 of the German Federal Foreign Office, the Goethe-Institut and other partners: www.goethe.de/relieffund.