denominazione del sogno, new CD release of NOISM program

Burkhard Stangl & Nenad Marković


The new CD edition of the NOISM program was the result of the creative process of the two artists through a spontaneous exchange of content at the workshop realized in September 2021, where musicians intervened creatively to each other.

The result is a series of ten dynamic vignettes in a joint improvisation combined in a CD release denominazione del sogno lasting 73:38 minutes.


denominazione del sogno

Burkhard Stangl - guitars, electronics, objects

Nenad Marković - trumpet, tuba production

noism 2021, tak-ta-t_cd003

ISBN 978-86-88567-34-3

COBISS.SR-ID 59366665

recorded in the studio, recorded by Zsolt Polgar

selection and post-production: & musicians

mastered by Zsolt Polgar

artwork and graphic design:

pre press: Sputnik, Novi Sad


This sessions is part of the artistic residency of the NOISM program, which aims to develop new artistic production in the field of collective creation and improvisation, and which due to the viral pandemic and the impossibility of public appearance will be filmed and recorded and focused on the realization of a new edition within the NOISM program.

A series of improvised sessions within the NOISM program is realized through the cooperation of two organizations and supported through the support of the Austrian Cultural Forum from Belgrade.