The exhibition MEDIA ONTOLOGY, Mapping of Social and Art History of Novi Sad in Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis


New Media announces opening of the exhibition

Mapping of Social and Art History of Novi Sad

Opening Reception: April 19th, 7-9PM
Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis, USA

Production of the exhibition:

Since April 19th to May 24th, 2008, New Media will represent the exhibition “MEDIA ONTOLOGY, Mapping of Social and Art History of Novi Sad” in Midway Contemporary Art, in Minneapolis, USA.

According to the statement by the Slovenian art group Irwin: History is not given, it needs to be constructed; we see that the history of post WW2 neo avant-garde in Eastern Europe is still not written. That especially applies to the local context of Novi Sad, capital of northern Serbian province Vojvodina, where local art infrastructure and critics at the end of the sixties and beginning of the seventies did not have mechanisms and tools to process rich artistic and cultural activities that were happening right in front of their eyes. Through this exhibition, would like to show art practices of artists, writers, movie directors from 1960's and 1970's, such are: group “Kôd”, group “E”, Slobodan Tisma, Miroslav Mandic, Mirko Radojicic, Bogdanka Poznanovic, Vladimir Kopicl, Slavko Bogdanovic, Cedomir Drca, Tibor Varadi, Katalin Ladik, Zelimir Zilnik. On the other hand, this exhibition also includes works of group “Apsolutno”, group “Eastwood”, artist Vladan Joler and other contemporary artist from Novi Sad. With their “gathering” and “facing”, there will be attempt to establish mutual dialogue, reinterpretation and continuity of art practice in those territories.

Through the exhibition setup, New Media will try to establish a dialogue between conceptual art practice from the 1960s and 1970s and contemporary new media art practices. By combining two aspects of artistic social and political engagement, would like to renew new reading of progressive neoavagarde practices today, to open up a new way of communication with contemporary art production. As common signifier, so to speak, of those practices are collaborative work, critique of commodity status of the art object, theoretical orientation and acting in direction of realization of art political potential, with an attempt to influence a change of understanding of critical art practices in one own environment. In the light of this, the exhibition MEDIA ONTOLOGY has been conceived through intensive collaboration with several protagonists of Novi Sad neoavagarde scene – Slobodan Tisma, Cedomir Drca, Bogdanka Poznanovic and Slavko Bogdanovic.

The exhibition MEDIA ONTOLOGY, so far has been presented in several places:

- Stuttgart, at the international exhibition "On Difference", Württembergischer Kunstverein, May - July 2005.

- Novi Sad, Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, November – December 2005.

- Zagreb, Gallery Nova, collective WHW, January 2006.

- Vienna, Gallery “Art Point”, Kultur Kontakt Austria, May 2006.

- Graz, Gallery and Center “Medien KunstLabor”, September 2006.

Local support for representing the exhibition MEDIA ONTOLOGY in Minneapolis:
Ministry of Culture and Education of Province Vojvodina