Game Music, Vladimir Todorović


Vladimir Todorović studied and worked at the Art Academy of the Belgrade University and at the Art department of Santa Barbara University in California. At the moment he is teaching at the department for media art at the La Sal Art college in Singapoore. His work researches and blends with video gaming world and industry, with computers as political machines, different (mass) media manifestations, copyleft licencing, open-source systems, computer music and positions of individuals in today's society. Todorovic is founder of network for open media 'ARSA-2', based in Zrenjanin.

Public performances: Entermultimediale 2 (Prag), WRO 05 (Wroclaw), Transmediale (Berlin), File 2004 (Sao Paolo), International festival of electronic art 404 (Argentina), MusemsQuartier (Vienna), Machinista (Glasgow), Santa Barbara Museum of Arts - Ridley Tree, Reality Zone (Santa Barbara/California), SnackOnArt (New York), Galerija svaremene umetnosti (Liepzig), Prvi Chiangmai festival novih medija (Chiang Mai), Dom Omladine, SKC (Beograd), Chaos & Communication (Sarajevo), Scotina (Greece), itd. Reviews on his works were published on, Artmagazine (Austria),, Carbongeek, Elektrosmog,, Turbulence, etc.

Vladimir Todorović, Singapoor, Zrenjanin

During his presentation Vladimir Todorović showed the works that he has been working on in the last couple of years. He presented his first video works, paintball tournament he realised in the gallery of Dom omladine in Belgrade, and few other projects related to gaming modifications of Game Music and framework of mobile architecture project - MESHSONIC. According to Todorović, Game Music treats, changes and turns video games into the surrounding for music creation and performance of any kind. Every single video game is transformed into space that enables us to experience the position of ideology, content and structure creators in the world of video games that is often politicised and precisely controled. In fact, it is a new medium, that is here being software generated and hardware structure itself can be changed (in case of Todorovic it is a PC Windows platform, but it can be Macintosh, Linux or gaming console such as Xbox or Playstation). To simplify things, software 3d immersion is an instrument used in creation of music.

Aim of Game Music, Todorović says, is to transfer this idea into the public space where the work would not function on the abstract level, like pure (non)institutional artistic experience or like glorification of interaction with artistic audience. With it's implementation in MESHSONIC moduls, this project would become an entity that has the ablity of branching in different media forms: free media movement, multimedia surrounding for performances, audio and video production tool, network for open media, radio and tv stations as well as all other possible media manifestations that have significant roles in creation of today's societies.

In this case Meshsonic represents technoutopian vision of the society and down to earth architecture that speaks to individuals and at the same time has high expectations from technoscience in the context of the society.