NSK - The politics of display in art, Alexei Monroe


Alexei Monroe received a phd from Kent University. His thesis was "Neue Slowenische Kunst and the influence of politics in art and work of NSK". He also works as a DJ under a pseudonym DJ Null.

Alexei Monroe, London

Studying the work of the Slovenian art group "Neue Slowenische Kunst" - NSK, Alexei Monroe is interested in the ideological model which structures the individual -social relationship.

Presenting two decades of the work of NSK, Alexei Monroe focuses, among other things, on the 'extreme' character of NSK during the 1980s. Analysing NSK`s over-identifying strategy (in their case identified with totalitarian discourse) battling with the soft-totalitarian regime of Yugoslavia in the 1980s, Alexei Monroe claims that NSK, with its totalitarian rhetoric and appearance, has taken up an extreme position in the Slovenian society and probably therefore it lessened the extremist tendencies in slovenia rather than making them stronger. We could take this into consideration bearing in mind derridin`s book Spectre de Marx, in which NSK would actually represent a spectre (ghost) of social extremism in contrast to the real, existing, military extremism which has been seen in other ex-Yugoslav regions.