Presentation of Croatian translation of the book "Empire", Multimedia Institute


Past.forward is the department for theory within the "Multimedia institute" in Zagreb. Since its establishment in 2000, Past.forward has been promoting new theoretical practices (in particular critical social theory & aesthetics) both in Croatia and in the Ex-Yugoslavia. Members of the group edit several philosophical series, and Past.forward hosts the work of numerous important theorists.

Petar Milat, Tomislav Medak, Zagreb

"Empire is materializing before our very eyes. Over the past several decades, as colonial regimes were overthrown and then precipitously after the Soviet barriers to the capitalist world market finally collapsed, we have witnessed an irresistible and irreversible globalization of economic and cultural exchanges. Along with the global market and global circuits of production has emerged a global order, a new logic and structure of rule-in short, a new form of sovereignty. Empire is the political subject that effectively regulates these global exchanges, the sovereign power that governs the world."

Philosophical books, which magnitude exceed narrow frames of academical comunity are rare, and "Empire" is exactly one of these titles. That is the first manifest of the 21st century and it has revolutionary and subversive influence on the world intelectual scene. Either to cite "New York Times": "...Toni Negri and Michael Hardt are forerunners of a new great theory..."

"PADAJ SILO I NEPRAVDO: EMPIRE RELEASE PARTY" - Croatian translation of world bestseller written by Toni Negri and Michael Hardt. Book is published in edition of past.forward, which is colaborative project of "Multimedia Institut" and "Arkzin" from Zagreb.