Presentation of the group "Belgrade Yard Sound System", Relja Bobić


Belgradeyard Sound System collective was started in 1999 by Goran Simonoski (born 1973) and Relja Bobic (born 1979) by setting up a live music radio show on the airwaves of the now famous Radio B 92. This show is still the basis of all their activities, which developed as time went by, and today they are active as radio presenters, DJs, musicians, promoters and festival organizers. The first big addition to the roster was the educational web site ( ), with versions in both Serbian and English, which serves not only as radio show presentation, but also as a kind of information source for all people interested in contemporary music. Genres don't exist there, and the only thread connecting all the music mentioned and reviewed is quality and originality, be it underground hip hop, African music, dub, free jazz, glitchy electronica, improvised, rock'n'roll or contemporary. In one word – music… A monthly residency called Soundscapes (2001-2003) at the Rex cultural center was presenting the latest developments in the electronic music field, also with a video content prepared by friends and associates from all around the world (Germany, Britain, Japan, Bosnia, Serbia…).

Relja Bobić, Belgrade

"Belgrade Yard Sound System" - BGYSS was founded in 1999. by Relja Bobić and Goran Simonoski. They played music on radio B92 in their own radio show. In the beginning it was more oriented to roots, reage or dub music and later also to jazz, ambient, electronic music, drum'n'bass or hard core, which implicates lack of specified genre orientation of BGYSS. They use also experience of classic club electronic music such as techno, house, drum'n'bass, or experimental radio program. The very name of the group derives from traditional Jamaican concept of sound system.

"Belgrade Yard Sound System" performed in Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Germany (where they performed on transmediale.02 in Berlin). During 2000/1 they organized numbers of events under name 'soundscapes' in REX, and also several concerts (jazzanova, rechenzentrum…). During his presentation Relja Bobić presented some recordings from 'Soundscapes' and showed audio-video material of some participants in festival "Dis-patch" that was held on several locations in Belgrade from October 22nd till 26th. Participants in festival were Pita & Ramon, Tujiko Noriko (Mego, Austria), Tape (Sweden), Marc Weiser from Rechenzentrum (Berlin), Murcof, Manitoba, Tony Morley (Leaf Label), Laub and Tarwater (Kitty Yo, Berlin), Information (Rune Grammofon, Oslo, Norway), etc.