Presentation of the group "Corrosion"


Igor Đorđević, a.k.a: dominator/corrosion, speaker for the dead, has been active for more than 10 years on the computer scene as a musician, animator and designer. He is the initiator and organiser of the computer group Corrosion that has been active since 1992. Igor Đorđević is one of the founders and active members of 'Zadruga', and is today part of the 'Kosmoplovci' association, of which corrosion is an integral member.

Igor Đorđević, Corrosion, Belgrade

Igor Djordjevic presented some of the works of the decade long production of the group Corrosion. Their audio-video works represent a succinct whole and are always presented as a unique product. All editions of the group are distributed as Free Software through BBS until 1997 and since 1997 it has been available through their site too.Corrosion published numerous demo editions done on Amiga and PC platforms, 13 video works, as well as a number of graphic works, music, ascii collections and journals. Interdisciplinary approach is the main characteristic of Corrosion, and those who contribute to the realisation of their editions are programmers, musicians, designers and directors.
During the presentation they showed their audio-video works "Ascender", "Void" and the latest production of Corrosion, based on the documentary from the 60s on the 'Yugoslavia' satellite station installation near Ivanjica. Igor Djordjevic talked about their beginnings, hacking ethics, attitudes towards cultural institutions, development of the computer scene in Belgrade and Serbia as well as about the influence of the political environment. Corrosion use different hardware and software systems, and point towards the possibilities of non-corporate software, designed as open sources.