Presentation of the REX, B92's Cultural Center


Katarina Živanović, director of REX. She initiated large number of REX's in-house projects, as author or co-author.

Nebojša Milikić, editor of program of actions in Cultural Center REX.

Katarina Živanović, Nebojša Milikić, Belgrade

Cultural Center of B92 - REX is a laboratory which explores new dimensions of art and culture, founded by the name "Cinema REX" in 1994. During last couple of years, REX has established network of intensive cooperation with organization and individuals from all over the country and in the teritory of former Yugoslavia. REX is a member of TEH (Trans Europe Halles) network of independent cultural centres in Europe and also a member of coalition of organization for creative enforcement and implementation of new media (ECB = European Cultural Backbone).

Cyberex is open laboratory for new media which started its activities in October 1998. Cyberex enables, at first place to young artists and activists free access to internet, production of their personal web sites, basic knowledge of some software, as well as distribution of information about local and international projects and opportunities for mutual cooperation.

Katarina Živanović i Nebojša Milikić were presenting past and curent activities of REX, specific environment of realization of those activities, especialy during the bombing when REX was forced to leave its working space.
There were also presented projects flux01, Festival of short electronic form, web project - Young Yugoslav Artists, web portal Cyberex, etc. During this past decade, REX was promoting contemporary art, new music and digital media (Cyberrex), and creating convergention of art and society and being open for different kind of initiatives.