How to Properly Enjoy World of Warcraft

How to Properly Enjoy World of Warcraft
Choose a server type that's right for you. guild wars money Player Versus Everyone servers cheap wow gold are for complaining buy guild wars gold about other guild wars gold players and guild wars money wishing you could kill them. Player Versus

Player cheap guild wars gold servers are for guild wars money complaining about other

players buy wow gold that can guild wars gold kill you, and buy guild wars gold wishing you had guild wars money the level, gear or talent to kill

them. Role Playing servers are for wow gold complaining about guild wars money other

players, and pretending buy wow gold that you had buy guild wars gold killed them

for cheap guild wars gold the glory of the guild wars money Elvish Kraken Goddess or

cheap wow gold whatever guild wars gold bullshit your DM told you was too lame wowgoldfor Dungeons and Dragons.

Please take heed that wow gold of the players you guild wars money wish to kill, they

buy wow gold will usually be on cheap guild wars gold your own side. guild wars money Blizzard insists this is cheap wow gold working buy guild wars gold as intended. guild wars money Remember: the server you buy guild wars gold select will be guild wars money one you guild wars gold complain about cheap guild wars gold until Character buy wow gold Transfers are wowgoldallowed, so choose wisely.

This is what best wowgold represents buy guild wars gold me in game.
Give your character a unique cheap wow gold name. Be sure to guild wars money stand

out from buy wow gold the other guild wars money Sephiroths guild wars gold and Thralls wow gold that probably cheap guild wars gold play on your server. cheap wow gold If ZeldaKillaz is not your

style, try to choose a guild wars money name that is wow gold extremely difficult to

buy wow gold type out. Anything guild wars gold that sounds like it could guild wars money be a backwoods city in guild wars money Iceland is a good place to start

so use umlauts, guild wars money accented e's wow gold and as many silent X's as cheap wow gold possible -. Qualzu is cheap guild wars gold a decent start, but wow gold sounds like one bad buy guild wars gold ass paladin. If they can't type cheap guild wars gold out your guild wars gold name, they wowgoldcan't add you to their ignore list.

Choose a class that wowgoldsuits you. buy guild wars gold This is your guild wars money first MMORPG, and buy wow gold you want a fun guild wars gold experience guild wars money that is action packed, dynamic, wow gold carefree. You want to kill shit quickly, not worry about cheap guild wars gold

being attacked, and cheap wow gold with very few guild wars gold responsibilities.

Play what cheap guild wars gold everyone else does - buy guild wars gold a rogue.

Sure, wow gold everyone that plays Warcraft will tell you that guild wars money

everyone is a rogue - guild wars money that's because wowgoldRogues are enjoyable buy wow gold to play. They will say that there are too many dagger-wielding wow gold

assholes, and that your endgame is guild wars gold going to consist of cheap wow

gold creating a macro declaring "Looking for group buy wow gold anything PST". Well, the other wowgoldclasses don't have any wow gold fun at all. Tanking is bullshit. Healing cheap guild wars gold is for sissies. guild wars gold You have a 30-day trial period, cheap wow gold and you buy guild wars gold are certain guild wars money you won't become addicted cheap guild wars gold like the 2.3 million

other rogues that play.

Ask Plenty of Stupid cheap guild wars gold Questions! guild wars gold Sure, you

could ask a buy wow gold guard where the inn is, but wow gold there are thousands

buy guild wars gold of players online, a guild wars money plethora of guild wars gold misinformation via the General Chat. cheap wow gold The tooltips that

Blizzard has buy guild wars gold implemented are just there to confuse you, and it's not like you were cheap guild wars gold gonna read that wow gold quest that Centaur just gave you. The

only way you wowgoldare ever going to find out cheap wow gold what that "Breath"

bar is by guild wars money spending five minutes in the water asking wow gold

everyone on your continent. If anyone cheap guild wars gold suggests picking up the guild

wars money manual or using one of the many buy wow gold resources online guild wars

gold for newer players, report them.

Make your Numbers as high as cheap wow gold possible. One guild wars money of the

primary goals of buy wow gold WoW is to make every wowgoldnumber you have as big

as wow gold possible, except your buy guild wars gold Spirit stat. Spirit is

worthless. The larger cheap guild wars gold that number is, guild wars money the more

unplayable your buy wow gold character is. The tiny wow gold gain it gives to your

HP/MP guild wars gold generation it cheap wow gold grants, is not worth the tradeoff

for the guild wars money undocumented effect wowgoldit has on lowering your rolls on

your Class Specific Loot.

In fact, some extremely rare cheap guild wars gold loot has the chance of buy guild wars

gold giving you buy wow gold negative spirit, making wowgoldit in high demand

among melee wow gold classes. Things like cheap wow gold passive effects, character

buy guild wars gold appearance, or "maintaining a guild wars money healthy social cheap wow gold life away from the computer" have cheap guild wars gold nothing on

making your numbers wow gold bigger. If guild wars gold someone has numbers higher

than you; call them a faggot, blacklist their guild wars money entire guild, and buy

guild wars gold report them for buy wow gold exploiting game mechanics.

The only profitable guild wars money tradeskill is cheap wow gold being a female.

Play as a girl. Do not buy wow gold ever, EVER, even hint buy guild wars gold that

you are male wow gold unless you dislike guild wars gold getting free gold from

desperate nerds. wowgold Most players should be cheap wow gold skeptical that every

elf with guild wars gold long hair cheap guild wars gold and boobs is offering to

dance for guild wars money him in her buy guild wars gold underwear for gold,

especially because the game wow gold has been live for more then a wowgoldyear now.

Well, you can be a female guild wars money Tauren with one horn, mange and the name cheap

guild wars gold BullBalls and still be solicited for whispered chat wow gold companionship. In a pinch for guild wars gold that sword you want to buy wow gold purchase? Tell your wowgoldgroup that you are AFK buy guild wars gold because your period started, and

come back to a myriad of cheap guild wars gold invitations to be their online mistress. cheap wow gold Mining/Skinning has nothing on the amount of profit that Gold wow gold

Digging brings in. Be patriotic. Part of the fun of World of Warcraft wowgoldis the tension caused by having two warring

buy wow gold factions. guild wars money Play into this as much as possible cheap guild wars gold to heighten your guild wars gold enjoyment of the game and the buy guild wars gold enjoyment of wow gold everyone around you. Start by making a macro

for buy wow gold the "/spit" command. cheap guild wars gold If you should encounter

a wowgoldplayer 10 or guild wars money more levels below you, press it several times

while running after them.

Wait to engage them until cheap wow gold they are being guild wars gold attacked by

monsters or cheap guild wars gold you have several friends to back you up - this is called wow gold strategy. After killing the player, be sure to stick around wow gold to make

the cheap guild wars gold concept of "resurrecting" as buy wow gold challenging as

it guild wars money is impossible. If wowgoldyou are Alliance cheap guild wars gold and that Orc buy guild wars gold helps you kill that unexpected

mob while you are at cheap wow gold your last breath, buy guild wars gold be sure

to thank guild wars money him, /bow, rest up, then report him to a GM for guild wars

gold ruining immersion. Same goes for any player that destroys you, then wow gold camps your corpse for the next

hour - buy wow gold all members of cheap guild wars gold the opposing side are wowgoldfucking assholes with no concept of honor.

Lay Down the Law in Duels. wow gold When you duel someone, wowgoldyou are giving buy wow gold them your valuable time. They should, guild wars money therefore, be happy

to cheap wow gold consent to a fight on your terms, so don't hold buy guild wars

gold back out of wowgoldpoliteness. Chances are they accidentally buy wow gold

declined your last cheap guild wars gold seven challenges. Demand wow gold your

satisfaction! guild wars gold Some abilities are just unfair and don't cheap guild wars

gold deserve a place in honorable battle.

Some good guidelines to set cheap wow gold before the duel is to disallow hunters using buy wow gold traps, rogues buy guild wars gold stealthing, warriors wowgolddisarming, warlocks wow gold fearing, paladins bubbling, paladins healing, cheap guild wars gold shamans touching the cheap wow gold keyboard, and mages casting

spells. Also, throw guild wars gold them a bone by starting slow and guild wars money

ramping up the difficulty. Duel first without restrictions, wow gold and only after you cheap guild wars gold lose to their unbalanced buy wow gold abilities should you speak

up. wow gold Eventually you will have wowgoldthem right where you want them: in a

battle where they are allowed to do nothing but guild wars money auto-attack and watch. If they buy wow gold still beat buy guild wars gold you, insist they are cheap guild wars gold using pots, trinkets, guild wars gold or hacks, /spit, and report


Play things the way *you* wish wow gold to. Most of the wowgoldskills that the game

buy wow gold offers are really just guild wars gold suggestions, cheap guild wars gold and should have no bearing on cheap wow gold the way you want to

play. This advice is not buy guild wars gold only suited to wowgoldhaving a good

time, but also buy wow gold economical. Want to play a guild wars money Shadow

Priest? Don't buy guild wars gold even bother learning your new heal spells past level 10 and watch the cheap wow gold savings pile up while the faces cheap guild wars gold melt off.

Lockpicking is for guild wars gold criminals - explain that to wow gold your group

two hours into Blackrock Depths when the wow gold prisoner you came cheap guild wars

gold for needs to be let out. buy wow gold Knowing your role guild wars money in

a group is wowgoldas easy as knowing thine guild wars gold self - do a little of


However, if you are a shaman, druid, or cheap wow gold paladin do only one thing buy

wow gold and do it poorly. wow gold If anyone asks cheap guild wars gold kindly

for the buy guild wars gold occasional heal, guild wars money or maybe would like a

resurrection because wowgold everyone but you died guild wars money because of the

lack of buy wow gold occasional healing - do that hearthstone buy guild wars gold

thing you like so cheap guild wars gold much. The only reason they are complaining about you is cheap wow gold jealousy for all guild wars gold that fun you are having.

There is no such thing as Mana. wow gold World of Warcraft is an innovative buy guild

wars gold MMORPG, as it has convinced all melee guild wars gold classes that there is no such thing as Mana. All

classes operate cheap guild wars gold on Energy or wow gold Rage - which replenishes

itself. If your cheap wow gold healer is complaining about your guild wars money

recklessness, tell him guild wars gold to go beat on a monster with that Staff he's carrying wowgoldor just wait 15 seconds. If for some cheap guild wars gold reason the Mage buy wow gold is just using his wand buy guild wars gold while angrily guild wars gold sending you tells about something involving getting something to guild wars

money drink, /ignore him for wow gold lacking playskill.Create a good cheap guild

wars gold group. Most of the expert, advanced content relies on being in a balanced group guild wars gold of 5 or

more people. A cheap wow gold balanced group should consist of a Hunter, buy wow

gold Three Rogues and a cheap guild wars gold "Utility" player, guild wars money

such as a healer wowgoldor a Tank. The best way to go about creating a group cheap wow

gold for an instance is "/y LFG 4M guild wars gold full on rogues buy wow gold

no fags wow gold no girls PST". Go cheap guild wars gold ahead and bind this guild wars money to a macro so you buy guild wars gold don't have to type it out every

15 seconds.

When someone is advertising cheap wow gold they are "looking buy guild wars gold

for one more, healer buy wow gold only" be sure guild wars money to tell them wowgoldto invite your Rogue - you've got cheap guild wars gold First Aid at 220 so

everyone's good to go (provided they cheap wow gold give you Mageweave wow gold

Cloth). Also when guild wars gold joining a buy wow gold group for an cheap guild wars gold instance, be sure to be queued for wowgoldBattlegrounds and have

as many prior obligations wow gold as you can before cheap wow gold starting the

instance, that way cheap guild wars gold if you get buy wow gold bored you have

other guild wars money things to do. It's just a wow gold game - everyone will

understand when you go AFK wowgoldunannounced for 15 minutes to go smoke.

When in a group, roll wow gold on everything! WoW, cheap guild wars gold much like

Diablo 2, is about wowgoldcollecting as many guild wars gold items as possible. Just

buy guild wars gold because you can't use it is shouldn't stop you from rolling on that cheap wow gold plate helm - a patch could later give the buy wow gold ability for

Mages to wear it! wowgoldBeing an Enchanter (or even remotely considering reskilling for it) means rolling on each guild wars gold Rare item that drops is like picking cheap wow gold herbs for an

Herbalist. The concept of "Need" and guild wars gold "Greed" rolls is vague: if your character NEEDS cheap guild wars gold gold, roll on the Bind guild wars money on Pickup Warrior-only

.0002% drop wow gold rate Axe of Doesn't Fucking Drop - its 5 guild wars gold gold

to a vendor. People that roll greed on trash drops are just failing to guild wars money realize how expensive Epic Mounts


If you are set as the wow gold master looter, be guild wars money sure to only let

rolls cheap wow gold for items occur during intense buy guild wars gold combat, in

a wowgoldfive second window to ensure cheap guild wars gold you are only guild wars gold rolling to yourself. If you are not the master wow gold looter, the

first time cheap guild wars gold you lose a buy wow gold roll on an uncommon guild wars money drop quit the wowgoldgroup, pull a ton

buy guild wars gold of monsters, leave the instance then spend the cheap guild wars gold next hour in cheap wow gold Ogrimmar yelling in guild wars money detail how the "fagots" buy wow gold unfairly "ninja'd" the item from you. cheap guild wars gold Then report


Be sure to announce wow gold everything you do buy guild wars gold with macros. guild wars money Communication is the buy wow gold most important thing in your wowgoldrelationships with the group. cheap wow gold Casting Flash guild wars money Heal is one thing. Try cheap guild wars gold setting up this buy guild wars gold beauty though:

"Shadowshade is casting wow gold Flash Heal on SoonToBeDead, buy wow gold Level 48

Female Undead Warrior"

"Shadowshade wow gold casted buy guild wars gold Flash Heal cheap wow gold on SoonToBeDead, Level 48 Female guild wars money Undead Warrior",

"SoonToBeDead, who is a cheap wow gold Level 48 Female guild wars money Undead

Warrior, buy wow gold is now at 100% cheap guild wars gold Health wowgoldbecause of Shadowshade's Flash Heal"

"Thanks me, Shadowshade, for that Awesome cheap wow gold Flash Heal on buy guild wars

gold SoonToBeDead, wowgoldthe Level 48 Female cheap guild wars gold Undead

buy wow gold
cheap wow gold
wow gold
World of Warcraft Gold
wow money

Also in Patch cheap guild wars gold 1.9, Trolls cheap wow gold will be buy guild wars gold introduced as guild wars gold a playable race.
This helps gets the wow gold point across that you are buy wow gold getting the

job done (and cheap guild wars gold that newbie guild wars money SoonToBeDead keeps

taking damage... guild wars gold REPORTED). Other good abilities to set up a party alert wow gold macro like this are Sinister Strike, cheap guild wars gold Sunder Armor, cheap wow gold Fireball, wowgoldShadowbolt and Detect guild wars money Minerals. guild wars gold Because of

buy guild wars gold the importance announce these alerts guild wars gold in /y; its much easier for cheap guild wars gold players to read loud red text.

Treat Getting Aggro wowgoldLike a Competition. wow gold Combat isn't any fun

unless the mob cheap wow gold is fighting you buy guild wars gold back, so cheap guild wars gold be sure to do wowgoldas much damage as possible. guild wars gold Those damage and heal charts you post in the wow gold raidchat

after/during buy guild wars gold every pull are the buy wow gold only accurate

gauge of skill, and you need wow gold to be the guild wars gold absolute best. Area

of effect damage is the easiest guild wars money way to prove you are cheap wow gold

number one, and I'm sure the cheap guild wars gold priest will understand that.

Getting aggro is buy guild wars gold easy too: convince wowgoldthat warrior he's

not buy guild wars gold doing his job cheap wow gold properly with Presence cheap guild wars gold of Mind, Pyroblast, guild wars money Flameblast, wow gold and Cone guild wars gold of Colding the target right after he charges it. Two

tanks cheap guild wars gold in the group? Go ahead and let buy wow gold them fight

it out wowgoldon the same monster, and deal guild wars gold with the other three

elites when the first one is dead. cheap guild wars gold Energy spent on Feint guild wars

money is energy you are not cheap wow gold Backstabbing with, and you can cheap

guild wars gold dodge 20% of attacks buy guild wars gold headed at you anyways.

Crowd Control guild wars gold is for Pussies. cheap wow gold You are a busy player:

buy guild wars gold you've got buy wow gold loot to ninja, lvl cheap guild wars gold 10s to wow gold grief, and there's guild wars gold some asshole wowgoldselling an item you want in the AH for too much

that needs to be reported. cheap guild wars gold Needless to say, you don't have time cheap wow gold for this sap/sheep guild wars gold bullshit. If Blizzard thought you guild wars money couldn't handle the 7 Elite Dragonkins at the same time, they wow gold

wouldn't have buy guild wars gold put it in the game. wowgoldIgnore the concerns of

buy wow gold your party members, claiming cheap wow gold that its faster to guild wars money spend 15 seconds casting Shackles on a cheap guild wars gold Zombie then

it is guild wars gold to spend 15 wow gold minutes walking back from the buy wow gold Graveyard to cheap guild wars gold Blackrock Mountain -- wowgoldthe /follow player buy guild wars gold command works even in death.

guild wars money
cheap guild wars gold
buy guild wars gold
guild wars gold
guildwars gold
Suitable mage names: wow gold Calistoga, Aquavita, cheap guild wars gold Evian,

Never accept fault for anything. wow gold Some say that accepting guild wars gold

the fact that buy wow gold you can make mistakes wowgoldis a sign of maturity.

Well, the cheap wow gold second buy guild wars gold you hit level 20 is the day you

became a real mature guild wars money man - and men don't make buy wow gold

mistakes. Fortunately for you, cheap guild wars gold there are PLENTY guild wars gold

of things you guild wars money can blame the fourth wipe they think you've caused.

It's the latency's wowgoldfault you couldn't stop cheap wow gold pressing Backstab

- share your cheap guild wars gold concerns about your guild wars money internet

service buy guild wars gold provider, computer wow gold manufacturer, and Blizzard.

It's the horde's fault you keep dying - guild wars money shamans are clearly buy wow

gold overpowered, Will of buy guild wars gold the Forsaken wrecks your character class and wow gold Blizzard clearly favors them over the Alliance. It's the healers cheap wow

gold fault you all died to the 3rd pack of mobs wow gold you pulled - take the buy

guild wars gold time sprinting wowgoldback to Uldaman to express your differences with that fuckmouth guild wars money cloth wearer who for cheap guild wars gold some reason, guild wars gold lacks the buy wow gold same endless ability reservoir your Warrior

does.. It's the Alliance's fault you keep dying - paladins are wow gold invincible, buy

guild wars gold Perception wrecks your character class cheap wow gold and Blizzard cheap guild wars gold clearly favors them wow gold over the Horde. It's your guild's

fault, your fictious girlfriend's fault, Hurricane wow gold Katrina's fault - the guild

wars money possibilities buy wow gold are endless. Be sure to report them all.

Well, that should summarize wow gold everything. I want cheap guild wars gold to

give special cheap wow gold thanks to Malkith, wowgoldCaselogic, Adam Kensai, guild wars money Raivin, and wow gold all those chowderheads in the buy guild wars gold forums. If you have guild wars money any questions, wow gold ideas, hate mail or are looking for a real attractive female to buy wow gold

talk about BWL strategy for cheap guild wars gold affordable rates contact me at buy guild wars gold I'm sure we can work cheap wow gold out something that's mutually

wow gold beneficial for the both of us.