Warcraft III - The Frozen Throne Storyline - Part One

Warcraft III - The Frozen Throne Storyline - Part One
Intro Movie

Illidan: Betrayer. In truth, it was cheap runescape goldI who was betrayed. Still I am hunted,
still I am hated. Now my blind eyes buy runescape gold see what others cannot. That sometimes
the hand of fate must maplestory be forced.

-Several Naga arise from the depths. cheap runescape goldThey stop before Illidan.-

Illidan: Now go forth,maplestory unleash the tides of runescape doom upon

all those who would oppose us.

-Begin Sentinel runescape Campaign-

Chapter One: cheap runescape goldRise of the Naga
-Though the demonlord, Archimonde, and the Burning buy runescape gold Legion were finally defeated
at the Battle of maplestory Mount Hyjal, much of Ashenvale Forest remains tainted by foul,
demonic energies. The cheap runescape goldcombined efforts of the Druids and the Sentinels have
brought a tenuous peace runescape to the northlands, but dark creatures still lurk within the shadowed woods. In

this perilous time, Maiev Shadowsong, the warden who
once guarded Illidan's runescape moneybarrow prison, has come forth to runescape goldhunt her dangerous prey and chain him once again beneath the cold earth.-

-She arrives to the eastern runescape edge of the Ashenvale. Much of the land is still corrupted or burning.-

Maiev: These tracks are fresh, but they split off cheap runescape goldinto opposite directions. Illidan must be

getting help from someone.

Watcher: Your orders, mistress?

Maiev: You Watchers split up into two parties. buy runescape gold Scour the woods. Find what you can. We'll meet

you further up the coast. maplestory Remember sisters, if you find Illidan, do not attempt to take him runescape goldwithout the rest of us. He is far too
dangerous to tackle alone.

Watcher: Yes, mistress.

-Half of the Watchers cheap runescape goldrun off one way.-

Maiev: The rest cheap runescape goldof you, follow me.

-Maiev's forces quickly see small villages runescape reeking of destruction.-

Archer: The bodies runescape moneyhave been mutilated, do you suppose demons did this?

Maiev: Illidan's stench cheap runescape goldhangs heavily over this buy

runescape gold place, but those tracks were not made by any demons I know of. Be wary, my sisters, there's no telling what
horrors Illidan has called to his side.

-Before long, Maiev runs into runescape goldsome sea creatures sinking boats near another village.-

Archer: There, mistress! Those must be the runescape creatures we're after.

Naga: Wretched night elves, cheap runescape goldyou are no match for the naga!

Maiev: Naga? Many craven races maplestory have tempted our wrath over the centuries. None have survived!

Naga: Wretched woman.runescape money We will retake the surface buy runescape gold world and put an end to your vile race once and for all.

-The Naga are beaten down by cheap runescape goldMaiev's forces, but not before the maplestory mesos boats are sunk and the village left in runes.-

Maiev: These poor folk were slain just like the others, Illidan cheap runescape goldhas much to answer for. He'll

wish he were still chained in his cell when runescape I get through with him.

Naisha: But these wrecks... maplestory Why would they destroy ships?

Maiev: I don't know. Wait, he may have taken to the sea. Hurry, sisters! The
port of Nendis lies to the north. Perhaps there we can find a ship and set
sail after Illidan.

Before long, Maiev reaches the port, but cheap runescape goldIllidan and the Naga are already
there. Illidan quickly runescape moneyboards a boat and sails off.

Naga: Quickly, you fools! The ships must be runescape burned. The master doesn't wish
to be followed.

Maiev: I cannot allow Illidan to escape again! We buy runescape gold must slay those naga before
they burn the ships.

Naga: You are too late, little warden. The runescape goldmaster has already set sail for distant shores.

However, he wished to thank you for the hospitality you provided during his imprisonment. He asked us to runescape

repay you... in kind.

Maiev: You're certainly welcome to try, monster!

Maiev's forces slay the naga before runescape the boats are sunk. The port, however, is
not as lucky. It's burning to maplestory the ground.

Naisha: Mistress, do you believe we can cheap runescape golddefeat Illidan even if we find him?

Maiev: Illidan has grown powerful: of that, there is buy runescape gold no doubt. He consumed the energies of

the Skull of Gul'dan. Now he is neither night elf nor demon, but something more.

Archer: Mistress, why would the naga runescape harbor so much hatred for us?

Maiev: We must trust time to reveal cheap runescape goldall things. Now hurry. Illidan has a considerable lead on

us. We must capture him maplestory before he causes any more harm.

Maiev's forces hop into a pair of runescape boats and set sail.
maplestory mesos

Chapter Two: The Broken Isles

-The next day, Maiev's boats run into a mysterious buy runescape gold chain of islands. The island's house many


Naisha: Mistress, we followed Illidan's runescape course due east as you asked, but these strange islands do not

appear on any of our maps.

Maiev: I suspected as much. These islands must have been formed only recently.

Naisha: What makes you say that?

Maiev: The ruins all maplestory around us, Naisha... I cheap runescape

goldrecognize them. This was once the great city of Suramar, built before our civilization was blasted beneath the sea ten thousand years ago.

Naisha: But how could... Are you suggesting that these runescape moneyislands were somehow raised

from the sea floor?

Maiev: Perhaps, though there are few powers left in the runescape goldworld capable of raising islands

from the deeps. Regardless, it's a mystery we'll have to solve
later. We'd best head inland and set up a base camp. Once we're situated, we'll pick up Illidan's trail. Here, sisters. Let's establish a base so we can

continue our hunt for Illidan.

-During the game, a strange orc named Drak'thul cheap runescape goldsends Maiev on a task to destroy some pits

which constantly force dead orcs to fight each other. Once Maiev returns to Drak'thul, after ending the fighting, he tells the story.-

Drak'thul: Thank you, stranger. Now, hear my tale. buy runescape gold Nearly twenty years ago, the great warlock

Gul'dan raised these maplestory islands from the deeps. He sought to unearth an ancient vault that held the remains of

the Dark Titan.

Maiev: Sargeras! You speak of the Legion's creator!

Drak'thul: The same. After Sargeras' defeat, cheap runescape goldages ago, his remains were locked away in an

undersea tomb. Gul'dan runescape goldbelieved that opening the tomb would grant him the Dark Titan's

power. For his pride, he and the rest of runescape moneyour clan runescape were torn to shreds by crazed demons. I have wandered these isles ever since, haunted by the ghosts of my

maplestory slaughtered comrades.

Maiev: Your tale is as intriguing as it is dire, Drak'thul. It's a shame your ghosts lie silent. You deserve far worse than their company for what you

setloose in this place.

-Illidan, meanwhile, finds the Tomb of Sargeras.-

Illidan: At last! The Tomb runescape goldof Sargeras is found! You, my trusted servants, must remain here

and guard the entrance. maplestory If that wretched warden managed to reach this island, she'll certainly try to follow


-Maiev, Naisha, and the rest runescape moneyof her hunters are buy runescape gold just behind.-

Naisha: Illidan! I knew we'd find him! We'll have cheap runescape goldto fight our way through the naga's

defenses in order to follow him!

Maiev: We locked Illidan maplestory beneath the earth long maplestory mesos

ago. I intend to do so again.

-Illidan turns into his demon form and busts a runescape hole into the tomb. Maiev and her forces deal with the

naga guards as quickly as they can.-

Maiev: Now quickly, my sisters! Illidan must be stopped at all costs!

Chapter Three; The Tomb runescape moneyof Sargeras

runescape gold
-Moments later, Maiev's forces buy runescape gold enter the tomb.-

Naisha: I have a bad maplestory feeling about this, cheap runescape

goldmistress. It's too quiet. It feels as if we're walking into a trap.

Maiev: Still, we must press on, Naisha. If runescape Illidan finds whatever it is he's seeking, he could...

wait! Look there! Strange... these are orcish runes!
They were written by Gul'dan when he first cheap runescape goldopened this tomb twenty years ago.

Naisha: What do they say?

Maiev: Apparently, he logged his journey runescape goldthrough the Tomb's depths. These runescape moneyrunes must depict that history.

-There is a flashback. Gul'dan maplestory is in the Tomb with some of his shaman.-

Gul'dan: Quickly, you fools, fan out and search buy runescape gold every primary passageway! We must reach the

chamber of the eye before the runescape tomb's guardians awaken!

-Something roars in the distance, the shaman's cheap runescape goldstart to run. Gul'dan kills one of them.-

Gul'dan: Spineless cowards! I said move!

-The shaman's split up in maplestory different directions, cheap runescape

goldGul'dan goes straight ahead.-

Gul'dan: Now, Sargares. I will claim whatever's buy runescape gold left of your power, and bring this wretched

world to its knees!

-End flashback.-

Maiev: There's no telling maplestory what Gul'dan and his cheap runescape

goldlackeys awoke in this foul place. We must be cautious.

Maiev journeys ahead and runs into runescape moneyanother set of buy runescape gold glyphs.

Maiev: There, more of Gul'dan's glyphs! runescape Interesting. They maplestory mesos continue the warlock's tale.


Gul'dan: Blasted, maplestory feeble-minded weaklings! They're all likely dead by now!
Still, I must press on. My power alone should be enough to--

-There is loud laughter.-

Gul'dan: That laughter... Is that you, Sargeras? You cheap runescape goldseek to mock me? maplestory mesos We'll see who laughs last, demon, when I maplestory claim

your burning eye for my own!

-End flashback.-

Naisha: Again, he references this runescape moneymysterious 'eye'. buy runescape gold What could it be?
runescape gold
Maiev: An artifact, no doubt. It must have contained tremendous demonic power to lure Gul'dan here as it did.

-Maiev continues along the trail. She notices statues of Azshara, a queen of ages past who allied with Sargeras.-

Maiev: Strange, it's a statue of Azshara, the cheap runescape goldgreat queen of old; she led our people to ruin

by consorting with Sargeras and his runescape Burning Legion. Only... I don't recall her ever having a tail.

-Questions solve maplestory themselves quickly, in this tomb, however. runescape moneyNot more than a few turns away a Naga leader stands.-

Lady Vashj: You've come far enough, little warden. cheap runescape goldYour vaunted night elf justice has no

jurisdiction here.

Maiev: What would you know maplestory of us or our justice, naga witch?

Lady Vashj: Why, my dear, we naga were once night buy runescape gold elves! We were Azshara's chosen, the

highborne, banished beneath the cruel runescape seas when the Well of Eternity imploded around us! Cursed,

transformed... we cheap runescape goldhave waited ten
thousand years to retake our rightful place in the world. runescape goldAnd now, with Lord Illidan's

help, we shall.

Maiev: Not while I draw breath!

Lady Vashj: Your courage is commendable, but it maplestory mesos shall avail you nothing.

-Vashj runs off, leaving maplestory several naga for Maiev cheap runescape

goldto deal with . She defeats them and before long runs into another set of glyphs in runescape

moneyfront of a huge gate.-

Naisha: Look, mistress, more of Gul'dan's glyphs.

Maiev: Yes, Gul'dan's b maplestory mesos seems to grow more desperate. It reads that he was...


Gul'dan: Ambushed... by the maplestory guardians... I cheap runescape

goldam... dying. If my servants... had not abandoned me, I could have claimed the Eye and-- Damn runescape

you, Sargeras! I won't be beaten like this! I am Gul'dan! I am runescape moneydarkness incarnate! It

end... like this.

-End flashback-

Maiev: This is as far as maplestory he got. The runes cheap runescape

goldsimply trail off. I cannot imagine
what horrors Gul'dan faced in his runescape moneyfinal moments.

-Maiev knocks down the maplestory mesos massive gate. Illidan, buy

runescape gold Vashj and several naga are on the other side. There is a glowing green object floating runescape

in front of Illidan.-

Illidan: Hahaha. So, Warden Shadowsong, runescape goldyou've made it at last. I knew you would.

Maiev: You have much to maplestory pay for, Illidan. I'm taking you back to your cell.

Illidan: Naivete does not suit you. When I consumed the power of Gul'dan's skull, I inherited his memories, especially those of this place... and the dark
prize he coveted.

Maiev: Yes, the power of Sargeras. You would claim runescape moneyit as your own!

Illidan: That power is beyond my reach, cheap runescape goldlittle warden. But this... the Eye of Sargeras,

contains all the power maplestory I'll need to rid this wretched world of my enemies once and for all. Ironic, that runescape goldyou should be its first victim.

Maiev: You're insane!

Illidan: Isolation can do that to the mind. Now, runescape moneyafter all the runescape long centuries you kept me chained in darkness, it is only fitting that I bury you in turn.

-The Eye of Sargeras causes the maplestory tomb to begin to buy runescape

gold collapse under the water. The night elves are trapped inside of this great hall.-

Maiev: Damn! I must reach Shan'do Stormrage and maplestory mesos warn him of his brother's treachery. My power

will allow me to escape, but I fear there is no way out for the rest of you.

Naisha: Go, mistress! The goddess runescape will light our path to the hereafter.

Maiev: I will not forget you, my runescape goldsisters. You will be avenged. I swear it!

-Maiev uses her blink skill to maplestory bypass the blocked door.-

Maiev: Now, I've got to find a way out before this buy runescape gold cursed tomb is drowned by the seas!

-Maiev blinks her way back to the entrance, maplestory mesos dodging several crowds of monsters and demons which

have just recently appeared.-

Chapter Four: Wrath of the maplestory Betrayer

-A few hours later, Maiev makes it back to her base, runescape moneybruised and battered from the


Huntress: What happened, mistress? Where are Naisha and the others?

Maiev: They are lost, Illidan claimed the runescape goldEye of Sargeras and used its power to bury our

sisters alive! Now he maplestory intends to finish the rest of us off! We have
no choice but to sail back to Kalimdor and warn Shan'do Stormrage of what his brother intends.

Huntress: It's too late, mistress! Illidan's forces have arrived!

Maiev: We cannot escape, but perhaps we can send buy runescape gold for reinforcements. Summon the runner! She

must reach the shoreline maplestory and sail back to Kalimdor. With any
luck, Shan'do Stormrage will reach us cheap runescape goldbefore we're overrun! runescape moneyBe swift, sister!

-The runner exits the base and is runescape immediately put into a net by some naga.-

Huntress: The Runner is in trouble! Protect her!

Maiev: Tor ilisar'thera'nal!

-Maiev, a few archers, and druids of the cheap runescape goldclaw go to aid the runner and kill off the naga.

They are however separated maplestory from their base.-

-The runner eventually reaches a boat, along with buy runescape gold the rest of Maiev's small force. Maiev

clears the way of naga, knocks down runescape goldsome gates, and several other
small tasks to allow the boat free maplestory passage to sea.-

Maiev: Elune grant that she reaches cheap runescape goldShan'do Stormrage in time. If not, Illidan may never be


Interlude: Unfinished Business

-Malfurion and Tyrande are in the moonglade discussing the aftermath of the Burning Legion. Much of the ground around them is still corrupted.-

Malfurion: Nordrassil's roots seem to be healing buy runescape gold well. I wish I could say the same for

Felwood. I fear the Legion's runescape moneycorruption may scar the glade permanently.

Tyrande: Your druids maplestory will think of something. cheap runescape

gold Perhaps Ysera or Alexstrasza could lend their--

-A druid of the claw escorts the runescape goldrunner from Maiev's camp to Malfurion and Tyrande.-

Druid of the Claw: Your pardon, runescape Shan'do Stormrage, Priestess Tyrande, but she insisted that she be

allowed to see you.

Tyrande: Who are you, girl? What is so urgent?

Runner: I am a servant of the Warden, cheap runescape goldMaiev Shadowsong, she who pledged to maplestory mesos hunt down the betrayer, Illidan.

Malfurion: Illidan? Explain yourself!

Runner: Your pardon, Shan'do, but your brother runescape goldhas raised a dark army from the sea and

stolen a powerful demonic artifact! runescape Even now, my mistress battles him
on the broken isles! She requires immediate reinforcements!

Tyrande: I will go. I will lead the Sentinels buy runescape gold myself.

Malfurion: No, my love. The runescape golddruids and I can handle--

Tyrande: I am the one who maplestory set him free. The maplestory mesos

responsibility is mine.

Malfurion: Then we shall both go. If runescape this girl's tale is true, Maiev will need all the help she can


Chapter Five: Balancing the Scales

-The next day, Malfurion maplestory and Tyrande arrive near Maiev's settlement cheap runescape goldwith a small force. Maiev is still holding out against runescape moneyconstant naga attacks. Tyrande's owl scouts search the area. One of them spots her base.-

Maiev: Hold your ground, my warriors! Goddess buy runescape gold willing, Shan'do Stormrage will come.

-Back at the shore, the bulk of Malfurion's forces have made it off the boats.-

Malfurion: We've landed maplestory safely, but a few of our ships may have run ground on the outlying islands. I hate to

leave any of our forces maplestory mesos behind, but we simply have no time to wait.

Tyrande: My owls have already scouted ahead of us and found cheap runescape goldMaiev's location.
She and her forces are under runescape moneyattack, but we'll need to pass through the jungle
to reach her.

Malfurion: Perhaps force of maplestory nature will speed our way.

Malfurion removes several trees blocking buy runescape gold the way with force of nature, bring
several treants to life.

Tyrande: We'd best make haste. I doubt cheap runescape goldMaiev's forces can hold out much

Malfurion and Tyrande runescape moneyfight their way through maplestory mesos some clumps of enemies and a
basic naga base before reaching cheap runescape goldMaiev. Her goldmines have collapsed and most
of her army has fallen.
Maiev: Elune be maplestory praised! I knew you would buy runescape gold

come, Shan'do Stormrage!

Malfurion: I'm glad we reached you in time, Maiev.

Maiev: Priestess Tyrande, I'm runescape goldsurprised you came in person. Are you here to
absolve your guilty maplestory conscience?

Tyrande: I did what I had to do, cheap runescape goldMaiev. You are in no maplestory mesos position to judge me.

Maiev: What you did was murder my Watchers buy runescape gold and set the Betrayer free! It is
you who should be locked in a cage.

Malfurion: runescape moneyStop this, both of you! We're runescape not out of danger yet. Maiev, what's
the situation here?

Maiev: There are no maplestory resources left in cheap runescape goldthis

area, Shan'do. We'll need to find a
gold mine if we're to marshalrunescape gold more troops for an assault on maplestory mesos Illidan's compound.

Malfurion: Very well. Let's get moving, buy runescape gold then.

-Eventually, they mount enough forces to attack Illidan's base.-

Illidan: Tyrande! What are you doing here? This battle does not concern you.

Tyrande: I was wrong to set you free, cheap runescape goldIllidan. I can see that now. You've
become a monster. Raw powermaplestory is no substitute for true strength, Illidan. That
is why I chose your maplestory mesos brother over you.

-Before long, Illidan's naga runescape goldfall, but there is no sign of him.-

Maiev: Victory is ours! It has been an honor buy runescape gold to fight at your side, Shan'do.

Malfurion: This battle is far from runescape over, Maiev. Illidan has yet to be
accounted for, and I've seen no maplestory sign of Tyrande, either.

-Tyrande is somewhere else in the cheap runescape goldforest, chasing down Illidan and a few naga

Tyrande: Show yourself, maplestory Illidan! It's over!

Illidan: Not yet, my little runescape goldpriestess. A pity you maplestory mesos couldn't see things my way.
Now you, and the whole world, will understand just what I'm capable of! Ash

-Some naga throw a net over Tyrande runescape trapping her. Maiev and Malfurion arrive
moments later.-

Illidan: Brother! What are you doing here?

Malfurion: I've come to stop you, cheap runescape goldIllidan. Instead of banishing you, I should
have returned you to runescape goldyour cage when I had the chance! I was weak then, but no

Illidan: I have sworn allegiance to a new buy runescape gold master, brother. I have a great task
to perform in his service. I'm sorry, but I cannot allow you to stand in my

Tyrande breaks free of the net cheap runescape goldand casts starfall. Illidan gets out just in
time, but his maplestory mesos naga forces maplestory are slaughtered by runescape moneyit. Malfurion, Tyrande, and Maiev
make it to shore just in time to watch Illidan sail off in a boat.

Malfurion: Don't worry, maplestory my love. We'll buy runescape gold find

Illidan wherever he runs. We'll
find him.

Chapter Six: Shards of cheap runescape goldthe Alliance

-Three days later, in Western Lordaeron, buy runescape gold Malfurion and company make landfall in
the Silverpine Forest, formerly maplestory mesos of the Elven kingdom.-

Maiev: Our forces will be ready to runescape move out soon, although we still know next
to nothing about this maplestory strange land Illidan has run to.

Malfurion: This runescape moneyland is called Lordaeron, buy

runescape gold Maiev. It is the homeland of the
Alliance that aided us at the runescape goldBattle of Mount Hyjal. I was told that its
kingdoms, both human and elven, were cheap runescape goldconsumed by the undead Scourge. These
forests have suffered grievously. I must leave you both for a time. I will
enter the woods and maplestory attempt to commune with the land itself.

Maiev: While you're gone, we'll set out buy runescape gold and try to pick up Illidan's trail.

Malfurion: I expect you both to stay cheap runescape goldfocused on your task. maplestory mesos You can settle your
personal dispute after we've found my brother.

Maiev: Of course, Shan'do. We'd best get moving.

-Shan'do wanders off, maplestory Tyrande and Maiev buy runescape gold

continue until they reach the outskirts
of an encampment.-

Tyrande: This was an Alliance cheap runescape goldencampment. The attack must have come recently.

Blood Elven Swordsman: Strangers, milord! They don't appear to be undead,

Kael'thas: Ishnu-alah, maplestory night elves. I buy runescape gold am

Prince Kael'thas. I must admit, I'm
surprised to see runescape goldyour kind there. But, whatever your business, I fear you will
find only death and shadow in runescape moneythis cursed land.

Maiev: Ishnu-dal-dieb, Kael'thas. I am Maiev Shadowsong, and this is Tyrande
Whisperwind. We are hunting a powerful demon that arrived here recently.

Kael'thas: Curious, I don't maplestory know about cheap runescape goldany

demon, but something's riled the
undead based at Dalaran. They've been buy runescape gold hounding us day and night. We were
about to abandon this post and seek refuge runescape on the other side of maplestory mesos the River

Tyrande: Hmmmm. Then we maplestory shall runescape goldlend you our

aid, young Kael.

Maiev: Wait, we have no time cheap runescape goldfor this.

Tyrande: Perhaps once your people are safe, buy runescape gold you will help us hunt the demon we

Kael'thas: It would be an honor, milady.

-As they escort Kael's troops runescape moneytowards the river, Multiple attacks come from
the mindless undead, maplestory which are cheap runescape goldno match for

them. Maiev quickly maplestory mesos questions
Tyrande's order to help these people.-

Maiev: We are wasting our time here, runescape goldTyrande. We should be looking for

Tyrande: These people maplestory need our help, Maiev! buy runescape gold

Their brethren aided us against
the Legion. We will honor that cheap runescape golddebt now.

Kael'thas: Sadly, I have only a cheap runescape goldfew warriors left. The Scourge has pressed us
hard these last few months.

Maiev: Kael, where runescape moneyare your high elven brethren? Do they not fight the undead
as you do?

Kael'thas: The Scourge maplestory devoured our ancient buy runescape gold

homeland of Quel'Thalas. The once
proud bloodline of my people is nearly cheap runescape goldspent. The few of us that remain now
call ourselves blood elves, in homage runescape goldto our murdered people.

Tyrande: I grieve for your people, Kael. runescape But you must not allow rage and
despair to poison your heart. You may lead your people to a brighter future.

-Before long, there is a fork maplestory in the road. Fortunately, Kael knows which path
leads to what.-

Kael'thas: We stand at a crossroads, my buy runescape gold friends. There is a shorter path to
our destination, but maplestory mesos it will take us cheap runescape

goldperilously close to an undead bastion.
The other route is safer, but it will runescape goldtake us longer to cross the river.

Maiev: Both routes will be maplestory dangerous, runescape nonetheless. Let

us choose quickly and
be on our way.

-Either way, Kael's wagons will eventually cheap runescape goldmake it to a bridge near the river,
inside of a small village.-

Kael'thas: Ah, Pyrewood Village. The River Arevass lies just beyond.

Maiev: Something runescape golddoesn't feel right.

Tyrande: Yes. Perhaps maplestory we should keep the caravan moving?

-Several undead come out from cheap runescape goldthe village and attack.-

Kael'thas: Damn! They were maplestory waiting for us! Protect maplestory

mesos the caravan at all costs!

Tyrande: Their numbers are limitless! They buy runescape gold just keep coming.

Maiev: We've driven them back, but the second wave is advancing!

Kael'thas: We've run out of time! The runescape goldcaravan will not survive another

Tyrande: Kael, get your caravan moving cheap runescape goldacross the river! I will stay behind
and hold the bridge!

Maiev: That's very noble of you, runescape Priestess, but you're no maplestory mesos match for a force
that vast!

Tyrande: The goddess runescape goldis my shield, warden. buy

runescape gold Elune will grant me the strength.

-Kael's caravans and Maiev get cheap runescape goldacross the river, Tyrande stands on the middle of
the bridge and casts starfall, slaughtering several undead near her.-
Kael'thas: It's working! She's holding them back!

Tyrande: Merciful goddess!

-The starfall is too powerful, it slowly buy runescape gold destroys the bridge runescape moneyTyrande is on.
Before long, it maplestory mesos collapses and cheap runescape

goldshe flies down the river.-

Kael'thas: We must hurry to save her! That current will take her straight into
the heart of the undead lands!

Maiev: No, Kael. Tyrande is a soldier; she knew runescape goldthe risks she took. We have a
greater mission to maplestory accomplish now, and buy runescape gold our

time grows short. Your people are
now safe. You will uphold your cheap runescape goldend of the bargain maplestory mesos and help me runescape moneyhunt the demon


Interlude: Malfurion's Vision

-In the Silverpine Forest, Malfurion runescape goldcommunes with the spirits of the wild.-

Malfurion: This forest has suffered as much as Ashenvale. The vile blight of
the Scourge has deadened countless cheap runescape goldacres of trees. If only the druids could--

-The entire world shakes.-

Malfurion: Aaarrrgggh! The earth... is buy runescape gold being... torn apart. The pain is...
excruciating! Ancient spirits of the forest, I implore maplestory mesos you, show me what is
hidden from my sight! Show me what cheap runescape goldtroubles runescape moneythis earth.
runescape gold
-A few wisps pop out and surround Malfurion. buy runescape gold They show him a barren iceland.-

Malfurion: I see the frozen land of cheap runescape goldNorthrend, the very roof of the world. The
land itself is being split asunder! runescape How can this be? What could cause such

-The spirits spin again, they show Malfurion buy runescape gold the city of Dalaran. runescape goldIllidan is
there with the Eye runescape moneyof Sargeras.-

Illidan: It's working! Nothing can cheap runescape goldwithstand the power of the maplestory mesos eye! Soon now,
my master's enemies will be undone, runescape and I can claim my just reward.

-The spirits stop showing Malfurion images.-

Malfurion: Thank you, great maplestory spirits. I buy runescape gold know

what must be done. I promise you,
this treachery will not go unpunished!

Chapter Seven: The Ruins runescape goldof Dalaran

-That evening, Maiev and Kael have cheap runescape goldset up bases just outside runescape moneyof Dalaran,
Malfurion rushes to maplestory mesos this base.-

Malfurion: Maiev! We've got to move quickly. Illidan is weaving a spell that
is splitting apart the roof of the world! We must... wait... where is Tyrande?

Maiev: I am sorry, Shan'do, but the buy runescape gold priestess has fallen. We aided a band of
Alliance warriors against runescape goldthe undead. cheap

runescape goldThe priestess fought valiantly, but I
saw her torn apart with my own eyes.

Malfurion: Torn apart? maplestory mesos Tyrande, my heart... I should have been there.

Maiev: You can still avenger her, buy runescape gold Shan'do. Let us attack Illidan together! He
is the reason we even came to this cheap runescape goldforsaken place. He is the reason for your
loss. Shan'do, this is Prince runescape Kael'thas, the ally I spoke of.

Kael'thas: Greetings, great druid. My buy runescape gold scouts have confirmed runescape moneythat this Illidan
and his vile snakes are based at the ruined city of Dalaran. They are using a
gem-like artifact to perform some strange ritual.

Maiev: They must be using the Eye buy runescape gold of Sargeras! But why runescape goldwould they strike at
the roof of the world?

Malfurion: It doesn't matter. buy runescape gold They won't live long maplestory mesos enough to finish their
spell. Illidan must be stopped runescape once and for all!

-Malfurion and Maiev bring their buy runescape gold forces to the Eye of Sargeras and defeat the
naga summoners and others there. runescape goldThe spell is runescape moneybroken. Illidan is trapped in
the summoning area, Maiev and Malfurion stand above.-

Illidan: No! The spell is not buy runescape gold done! It is not done!
Malfurion: It is over, brother. cheap runescape goldYour vile schemes maplestory mesos end here.

Maiev: Illidan Stormrage, for recklessly buy runescape gold endangering countless lives and
threatening the very balance of runescape the world, I hereby sentence you to death!

Malfurion: maplestory mesos Too much runescape goldblood has

been spilled buy runescape gold on your account, Illidan. Even now
I can feel the lands of cheap runescape goldNorthrend reeling runescape moneyfrom the spell you cast.
Imprisonment will not be runescape enough this time.

Maiev: I will execute you myself.

-Maiev blinks into the runescape goldarea with Illidan. buy

runescape gold Malfurion traps him in entangling

Illidan: Fools! Can you maplestory not see? The buy runescape gold spell we

channeled was runescape meant to strike
at the undead, our common enemy! cheap runescape goldMy mission was to destroy runescape moneythe Lich King's
stronghold of Icecrown!

Malfurion: At no heed to the cost? Because buy runescape gold of you, Tyrande is dead!

Illidan: What?

Kael'thas: Your runescape goldpardon, Lord cheap runescape

goldStormrage, but the maplestory priestess maplestory mesos may still

be alive!
She was swept downriver, but it's buy runescape gold premature to simply assume that--

Maiev: Silence, Kael!

Malfurion: You told me she was torn runescape apart! You lied to me!

Maiev: The runescape moneyBetrayer's capture was our buy

runescape gold primary concern, Shan'do. I needed your
help. I knew you would go to her runescape goldand we would lose maplestory mesos our chance! I...

Malfurion: Just who is the cheap runescape goldbetrayer now, woman? I must go to her immediately.

Illidan: Believe me, brother, despite all buy runescape gold our differences, you know that I
would never lead Tyrande to cheap runescape goldharm. Let me help you. My naga runescape moneycan scour the
river for us! Let runescape me do this, at least.

Malfurion: Very well.

Maiev: What? After all runescape goldhe's done, you maplestory

mesos would trust this traitor to...

Malfurion removes the entangling buy runescape gold roots from Illidan and places runescape moneythem around

Malfurion: Silence! I maplestory will deal cheap runescape goldwith you

later. Let's go, brother.

Chapter Eight: The Brothers buy runescape gold Stormrage

-An hour later, on the banks of the Arevass River, runescape Malfurion and Illidan
feverishly search maplestory mesos for Tyrande.-

Illidan: Prince runescape moneyKael'thas said he buy

runescape gold last saw Tyrande being swept down this river.
If she is alive, my naga will cheap runescape goldfind her.

Malfurion: They had best return with buy runescape gold good news, brother. The very sight of
them makes my runescape goldstomach turn. Where did you ever find such loathsome creatures?

Illidan: Believe me, brother, you do not want to know.

Naga Myrmidon: Lord Illidan, we have buy runescape gold found your missing maplestory mesos priestess. She and her
warriors fight on against the cheap runescape goldundead, but I runescape moneydoubt they can hold out much

-The scene shifts runescape goldto Tyrande. She has a minimal amount of troops and a couple
ancient protectors helping her cheap runescape goldhold a small area of the river.-

Tyrande: Come forth, you mindless buy runescape gold wretches, and taste the wrath of the
Sentinels! Elune's light maplestory shall never falter!

Naga Myrmidon: You'd best hurry maplestory mesos if you're to save her!

-Just then, a fleet of undead air units flies over the river. They fly past
Malfurion and Illidan.-

Illidan: An undead strike force! buy runescape gold But they're completely runescape moneyignoring us! What

Malfurion: maplestory Tyrande!

Illidan: Their flying cheap runescape goldhorrors fill the sky! It would be folly to send your
flyers against them!

Malfurion: We cannot depend on buy runescape gold them now! Illidan, you must hold the undead
here and prevent them from assaulting Tyrande's encampment. I will journey
downriver and...

Illidan: No, runescape moneybrother. The naga and cheap

runescape goldI can reach her faster! I will go.

Malfurion: What you say is buy runescape gold true, but I maplestory

mesos risk much runescape goldby trusting you, Illidan.

Illidan: I swear on my life that I will bring her back, my brother.

Malfurion: I... believe you. buy runescape gold Ande'thoras-ethil, brother.

Illidan's naga fight their way cheap runescape goldthrough the undead to reach Tyrande, while
Malfurion lends support from the other buy runescape gold side of maplestory mesos the river. Tyrande holds out
for a considerable runescape amount of time, until Illidan finally reaches her.

Tyrande: Illidan! What trickery is buy runescape gold this? Have maplestory mesos you come runescape moneyto finish me off

Illidan: No, runescape goldTyrande. You must buy runescape

gold believe me. I've come to save you!

Tyrande: Save me?

-Illidan makes a buy runescape gold portal.-

-Back at Malfurion's cheap runescape goldbase, he paces restlessly.-

Malfurion: runescape moneyWhere could buy runescape gold

they be? He should have brought her back by now!

Illidan: Hurry! runescape goldThis is our buy runescape gold

last chance!
maplestory mesos
-Tyrande and Illidan go through buy runescape gold the portal. Another runescape portal opens just in front
of Malfurion.-

Tyrande: runescape moneyYou... risked your buy runescape

gold life for me. I don't understand.

Illidan: Whatever I may be, buy runescape gold whatever I may become in this world; know that I
will always cheap runescape goldlook out for you, Tyrande.

Malfurion: Tyrande!

Tyrande: I runescape goldknew you would buy runescape gold

not forsake me!

Malfurion: I thought I'd lost cheap runescape goldyou forever, my love. maplestory mesos If not maplestory for Illidan's aid,
I may well have.

Illidan: We have had much strife buy runescape gold between us, my brother. runescape I have known only
ages of hate for you. But, cheap runescape goldfor my part, I wish it to end. From this day
forward, let there be peace between us.

Finale: A Parting buy runescape gold of Ways
runescape money
-Moments later, in Malfurion's base, Illidan prepares to depart.-
Malfurion: You have brought much buy runescape gold suffering to the world, Illidan. For that,
you can never be forgiven. However, you saved the runescape life of my love. For that I
will let you go. But, cheap runescape goldshould you ever threaten my people again...
Illidan: I understand, brother. Lordship over this world was never my aim...
only power... only the magic. I've lingered here buy runescape gold too long. I must go. By
aiding you, I have betrayed cheap runescape goldmy new master. If I am not careful, his wrath will
be my end.
-Illidan opens a portal.-

Illidan: Farewell, runescape goldbrother... Tyrande. I doubt our paths will cross again.
En'shu falah-nah. maplestory mesos Illidan goes through buy runescape

gold the portal, Maiev and her Watchers run into the area. Maiev: Fools! Have you no runescape sense of

justice? Tyrande: Maiev, Illidan has atoned for his cheap runescape goldcrimes! He is no longer a threat to...

Maiev runs by Tyrande and runs into the portal. Her runescape goldforces follow her.
Malfurion: It's no use, Tyrande. She has become vengeance itself, bound
forever to the hunt. I only pray that in her zeal, she doesn't cause even more
havoc than Illidan.
-The portal finally closes, leaving buy runescape gold Malfurion and Tyrande.-
Tyrande: Now, runescape goldlet's go home, beloved. We've runescape goldearned our rest.
End Sentinel Campaign.
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