4th Birthday of the Youth Center CK13, Tribune: Does everyone has their own center?


Youth Center CK13, April 13 marks the fourth year of operation!

We will celebrate the fourth birthday of CK13, together with you, with an Open Kitchen dinner, a tribune, and a concert.

4th birthday program:


17h - 19h: Dinner 

19h - 20.30h: Tribune: Does everyone has their own center? On the occasion of the 4th birthday of the Youth Center, we open a conversation on the topic Does everyone has their own center? where they speak: Róbert Francišković, www.jelfolyam.org.rs Suada Kučlar, Muslim Cultural Community, Nenad Vladisavljev, Association of Roma Students, Ivan Radenković, Association of Roma Students The panel is led by: Višnja Šijačić, CK13 With representatives of different cultural circles the position of their cultural communities in Novi Sad, the ways in which they operate, as well as whether they manage to survive as minority cultures in Novi Sad. We will also talk about the need for opening and exchange between cultural communities.

21h: Concert: Dexter Jones Circus Orchestra, Stockholm (SWE) on the 4th birthday of CK13 Alternative / Classic Rock / Rock Concert is free!

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