Audio CD published by Conspiracies - Chris Cutler

This CD is the result of a collaborative process realized through two workshops done with Chris Cutler, in Novi Sad in 2016 organized by The workshops were part of the Indefatigable Residencies program designed to create space for a dynamic collaborative artistic process, as well as the space for cultural and theoretical production. The Indefatigable Residencies also included meetings, conversations, and cooperation outside of the time limits spent in Novi Sad, with the aim of exchange of knowledge in the process of creating new art productions.

The workshops led to the Festival in Opposition - Art and Politics of Improvisation, conceived as a dynamic platform for exploring the relationship between art, education and improvisation policy, as well as temporary zones of groupness and joint creation, through participatory music and poetry production.

The Festival in Oppositions - Art and Politics of Improvisation was held in October 2016 was a part of the project Aesthetic Education Expanded, cooperating with the Multimedia Institute (HR), Kontrapunkt (MK), Kulturtreger / Booksa (HR), Berliner Gazette (DE) and (RS) in cooperation with the Youth Center CK13.

The material released on this CD was recorded at the CK13 Club, Novi Sad, on October 29, 2016, which was attended by local musicians and international guests.


Conspiracies - Chris Cutler

el guitar, voice - Dimitrije Jakovljević
drums - Ozren Lazić
trombone, trumpet - Vladimir Oresković
electronics - Igor Lečić
melodica, flute block, kaen lao reed - Lav Kovač
reeds - Voja Savkov
drums, percussion - Chris Cutler
cello - Ernő Zsadanyi
el guitar - Milan Nenin
vocal - Howard Slater
percussion, kazoo, voice - Zoran Pantelić
electronics - Neven Korda

Score: Chris Cutler
Record Engineers: Zsolt Polgar, Milan Nenin
Mixed by: Milan Nenin
Producer: Chris Cutler &
Concept and artwork:

Publisher: / tak-ta-t_cd001
ISBN: 978-86-88567-23-7
Year: 2017

Note: also designed to be played in shuffle mode (nonlinear schedule)

The CD has been released in 400 copies
International distribution by Recommended Records - ReR megacorp