Autumn 2022. Detelinara. Technologies of Artistic Creation. Exhibition & Event: Teaching Sustainable Design: Promoting Environmental Awareness Through Art

Autumn 2022. Detelinara.

Technologies of Artistic Creation.

Exhibition & Event:

Teaching Sustainable Design: Promoting Environmental Awareness Through Art


In Novi Sad, at Detelinara District, a long-term cooperation program between the High School of Design 'Bogdan Šuput' and is being implemented under the name 'Technologies of Artistic Creation', and this autumn the two-year cycle of workshops and extracurricular programs was successfully completed through an exhibition 'Teaching Sustainable Design: Promoting Environmental Awareness Through Art', November 8, 2022 in the premises of the ‚Bogdan Šuput‘ High School for Design.

At the final public event, the results of the two-year activities of all those involved in the project were presented, through the promotion and active participation of students and teachers in this project.

At the final exhibition, the works of students-participants of the workshops from different Departments within the School - industrial design, graphic design, interior design and art techniques, which came from the series of workshops entitled World of Plastic Waste - which were realized in cooperation with the artistic group MINIPOGON from Belgrade were presented, through learning about social engagement, sustainable design and developing awareness of an environmentally responsible way of working, through art.

At the final exhibition, DIY machines and tools for recycling that were used in the work process at the School were presented; photos from the work process and posters with messages about sacred development and the importance of recycling; constructed objects from recycled plastic, prototype collector; a bench and two chairs made of recycled plastic that the students poured; in addition to the artistic and utilitarian design of plastic processing, the musical instruments 'plasticophones' designed by the musician and collaborator Aleksadar Carić were presented; then the 'abacus', a kind of statistical sculpture built by Natali Divan (Natalie Deewan), an artist and collaborator from Austria, who developed this process with the students at a workshop in front of in the spring of 2022. More about this work can be found at this link http: //

Documentary video material showing the two-year process in a compressed dynamic video clips with the results of extracurricular work was also shown. This video document was distributed at the exhibition via a QR code so that students and audience could freely download it to their mobile devices/phones.

As part of the final event, a journalistic-literary section was also presented, in which students followed the work in the workshops through the written word and disseminated information in the community of high school students, by publishing their articles on the school's websites and social networks.

In addition to the exhibited objects, instruments and sculptures, a public class - a conversation with the present students - was realized at the event at the School. The public class was led by Teodora Šašić - a fourth grade student in Industrial Design, who proved to be particularly interesting and was very engaged in the project.

The special guest at the final event was a guest from US, the artistic producer Rachel Klipa, who is also a collaborator on this project, because it was realized in parallel with the cycle of workshops within the project 'Teaching Sustainable Design: Promoting Environmental Awareness Through Art' a series of webinars entitled - Art in Public Space, training and exchange of experiences - a series of talks that were realized in cooperation with the OPA Center from Pittsburgh, USA (Office for Public Art, Pittsburgh, US) in coordination and moderation with Rachel Klipa, in order to familiarization with American practice in socially engaged art projects for the benefit of extracurricular program development.


The Technologies of Artistic Creation program is being implemented during 2021/2022 with the support of the FfAI Foundation; City Administration for Culture of the City of Novi Sad; City Administration for Sports and Youth - Youth Office; of the International Relief Fund for cultural and educational organizations in 2021 of the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Goethe-Institut and others:; Public Affairs Office. US Embassy Belgrade through supporting activities Teaching Sustainable Design: Promoting Environmental Awareness Through Art;