Book promotion: GIORGIO AGAMBEN: HOMO SACER - Sovereign Power and Bare Life


Book promotion:

Friday, February 9, 19:00

Cinema hall of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina Museum of Vojvodina,

Dunavska 37, Novi Sad

At the promotion of the book, the editors of the translation of the book and the publishing edition of the Past.forward Multimedia Institute from Zagreb speak Petar Milat, Tonči Valentić and Tomislav Medak

*** GIORGIO AGAMBEN: HOMO SACER - Sovereign Power and Bare Life ***

2 REVIEWS By Jean-Luc Nancy, the Multimedia Institute and Arkzin in the Past.forward edition presents the third key work of contemporary political philosophy: Giorgio Agamben’s HOMO SACER. Since its publication in Italian in 1995, HOMO SACER (subtitled: Sovereign Power and Bare Life) has been translated into a multitude of languages, and Agamben's provocative and far-reaching theses have become the subject of frequent debate, greatly exceeding the domain of mere academic discussion.

HOMO SACER - Sovereign Power and Bare Life is the first and central part of the planned tetralogy in which Agamben attempts to shed light on the mechanisms of social inclusion and exclusion in a wide arc from Greek philosophy and Roman law to recent political, technological, and medical phenomena. Continuing the works of Walter Benjamin, Hannah Arendt, and Michel Foucault, in his book Agamben he makes a completely independent and radical diagnosis of modern democratic societies. Or to quote the author himself: "This book, which was originally conceived in response to the bloody mystification of the new planetary order, eventually had to face problems - the first of which is the 'sanctity of life' - which it did not count on at first. But during the research, it became clear that in such a field it was not possible to accept as certain any of the terms that the humanities (from law to anthropology) believed to define them or assumed them to be obvious and that, on the contrary, many of them the inevitability of a catastrophe required a review without reservation. " We bring you the edition translated by Marija Kopić.

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