The Continuous Art Class: Bor. Re-enactment of the unknown.


Tuesday, 28th february 2012
6 p.m. Opening of the exhibition “The Continuous Art Class: Bor. Re-enactment of the unknown.”
7 p.m. Band performance/Concert “Duo trojica”

Public Library Bor,
19 Moše Pijade st.

Participants: Ana Stefanović, Vladimir Radivojević, Ivica Osmanovski, Jelena Miletić, Milan Stošić, Miroslav Mitrašinović, Saša D. Lović, Centar za neformalnu komunikaciju Nemušto, Samizdat Sloganova

Authors of the exhibition: Kontekst collective (Vida Knežević and Marko Miletić), Belgrade in collaboration with Local Department Public Library Bor and from Novi Sad.

The exhibition “The Continuous Art Class: Bor. Re-enactment of the unknown.” will be presenting an art production from Bor thematically and substantially related to the social context in which it occurs, in a fissure/disruption split between “creativity” and a post-industrial reality. It questions the way art produces and uses certain symbolic values based and drawn from a social, economic and historical context and the way it treats the given reality. In new circumstances, such an art practice – that detects, ironizes and criticizes a social condition while at the same time enabling a space of imagination and therefore politics – becomes an unwanted sign warning of mistakes and not fitting in the projected images of creativity. Its authors become marginalized as “producers”, which makes us think about the position of artists and the conditions they work in.

Therefore “The Continuous Art Class: Bor. Re-enactment of the unknown.” is also an attempt to map and deliberate the key questions of culture and cultural policy as well as the position of the local contemporary art practice in the context of Bor. The starting point of the research was “A Socio-pshycological study of Bor: citizens about themselves and their town” dating from 1978, original interviews with residents of Bor about the questions of living, supply, social relations and also the place of culture and art in their everyday life, free time, traffic, image of the town etc. Beside this study, the exhibition will present a series of interviews that were made with the protagonists of the culture and art scene in Bor, as well as a workshop with the high-school students, as a kind of re-enactment of the interviews from 1978 adapted to contemporary moment.

Exhibition “The Continuous Art Class: Bor. Re-enactment of the unknown.” is part of the program IntoOUTREACH, a coproduction between STEALTH.unlimited (Belgrade-Rotterdam), Cultural Center Rex (Belgrade), PRESS to EXIT (Skopje) and (Novi Sad). More info:

The exhibition in Bor is based on “re-enactment of the unknown” an exhibition and a research project “The Continuous Art Class, The Novi Sad Neo-Avantgarde of the 1960’s and 1970’s” realized by New Media since 2005. More info:

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Program supported by: Fund for an Open Society, Ministry of Culture, Media and Information Society of Republic of Serbia and City of Novi Sad.