Creative Commons Salon - Free Culture Festival 2


Free Culture Festival 2
Creative Commons Salon
(March 7-10, 2008)

We present the first domestic Creative Commons Salon, where, through a series of discussions on intellectual property and ownership and distribution policies in the context of modern production of "content", guests from Sweden, Brazil, and Croatia will share their opinions and experiences. We will present a series of events related to the recent launch of Creative Commons licenses in the Serbian language and current production published under these licenses, as well as product that is relevant in this context to consider issues of ownership and collective work.

The focus will be on popular content such as music, video games, and movies. We also present for the first time CCBit, the first domestic music CD compilation released on Creative Commons licenses, as well as Freedom Toaster, a device - interface for the individual exchange of digital content in public spaces.

FRIDAY, March 7, Tribune Hall of the Belgrade Youth Center, Rex Cultural Center, Jevrejska 16
18:00 Tribune Hall DOB

Great album - can you cut it for me?
Alternative economies and creative industries

Ronaldo Lemos (Brazil, Chairman of the Board of iCommons International),
Marcell Mars (Zagreb,,,
Vladan Joler (EXIT, Novi Sad),
Edi Bon (Creative Commons Serbia).

20:00 Rex, Jewish 16


Promotion of the first music compilation to be released on Creative Commons licenses.
live: Sound of a Ship, Tron, Lukatoyboy

Feedback Loop

Cross-section of productions published under Creative Commons and other free licenses.
exhibition setting: Ana Knezevic and Milica Gudovic.

Most of the materials displayed on the Feedback Loop will be available for visitors - Freedom Toaster is an interface device project that will be used for the independent and individual exchange of content through archiving and copying digital data in public space. Freedom Toaster aroused homoludens at slobodnakultura dot org.

SATURDAY, March 8, MSUB salon, Pariska 14a
17:00 in cooperation with the Institute for Flexible Cultures and Technologies - NAPON

project presentation
Playground @Play Cultures

18:00 discussion:
After copyright

participants: Rasmus Fleischer, Magnus Eriksson (,
Tom Medak, Marcell Mars (, Ronaldo Lemos (
introduction: Vlidi (

SUNDAY, March 9, Tribune Hall of the Belgrade Youth Center
18:00 in cooperation with Wikimedia Serbia tribune
Creative Commons licenses and Wikipedia in Serbian
speakers: Nevenka Antić (lawyer, Creative Commons Serbia),
Dragan Satarić, Nikola Smolenski (Wikimedia Serbia)

21:00 in collaboration with Boban Jevtić, editor of the film program DOB screenings
Star Wreck

directed and produced by: Timo Vuorensola, Samuli Torssonen, and 300 other collaborators - authors.

MONDAY, March 10, CK13, Vojvode Bojovića 13, Novi Sad
19:00 in cooperation with the cultural center CK13

presentation and discussion
Piratbyran and Pirate Bay - activism and service economy

participants: Rasmus Fleischer, Magnus Eriksson (, Milica Gudović, Vladan Jeremić, Vlidi (


this is a joint project of the organization:

Creative Commons Srbija,, Bureau for Culture and Communication, Dom omladine Belgrade, Rex Cultural Center,, Women in Action, Wikimedia Serbia,,

concept and realization: is part of the Second Stage organization.

support: Open Society Fund

What are Creative Commons?

It is a new system, built into existing copyright laws, that allows you to share your copyrighted works with others and allows you to use any other content you find on the Internet, music, images, films, or texts, which are marked with Creative Commons licenses. Creative Commons licenses reduce the full range of possibilities for protecting your or someone else's work - between traditional (ALL rights reserved - ALL rights reserved) and public domain (public domain - NO rights reserved). These licenses help you retain your copyright while allowing others to use your work under certain conditions - under the "SOME RIGHTS RESERVED" system.
The most important thing is that all l