December 3rd and 4th, Introductory lecture on VIDEO ACTIVISM as a precursor to the workshop, guests: RESTART, Zagreb

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Lecture "Introduction to Video Activism"
December 3rd and 4th at 7 p.m.
In the Youth Center CK13, Vojvode Bojovića 13
Guest: Oliver Sertić (RESTART media center), Zagreb

As a precursor to the workshop on video activism ("DON'T HATE THE MEDIA, BE THE MEDIA") in the Youth Center CK13 will be held an introductory lecture entitled "Introduction to video activism" and screening of films with a conversation with visitors and interpretation of basic concepts and purposes video activism.

We talk about Undercurrents, Witness, Restart, Fade in, we discuss media with people. A screening of activist videos, short clips, animations, and reports that have traveled the world and caused a lot of controversies. Some things they didn’t dare air on television because of criticism from the government or advertisers, and some really changed something when they were shown. We will show materials from Undercurrents from Oxford, Witness from New York, Fade In, Restart and What are you watching? from Zagreb and many others.

Wednesday, Dec 3rd 2008 7 pm, documentary screening:
GLOBALIZATION & MEDIA (2002, Undercurrents; UK)
director: Paul O'Connor; Croatian subtitle, duration: 22 minutes

A multi-award-winning film about the impact of globalization on today's media. A strong and clear story about the distortion of information, misrepresentation, and sensationalism under the guise of "media objectivity". How powerful corporate media really is, which we don’t really see behind what they serve us and what, then, are alternative approaches to information.

+ presentation of Restart community video portal for socially engaged video
Guest: Oliver Sertić (RESTART media center)

Thursday, Dec 4th, 2008, 7 pm screening of the documentary film:
Mark Isaacs, Great Britain, 2007, 73 '
Production: Bungalow Town Productions

synopsis: Susan and Jeff have lived in the city of Barking all their lives, but they have never even greeted their Nigerian neighbors because they think ‘they are not ours’. Dave is so angry about the growing number of non-white people in that city that he becomes an activist of the right-wing British National Party - BNP, even though both of his daughters are related to blacks. At the same time, African Betty and Holocaust survivor Monty engage in an unusual relationship full of laughter and mutual sympathy, despite the looks of disapproval that surround them. The film won the Audience Award and the Amnesty International Jury Award at the last ZagrebDox. It has been screened at all major documentary film festivals in the world such as IDFA, One World, etc.

Organizers: Center for New, Novi Sad, Youth Center CK13, Novi Sad and RESTART Association, Zagreb.

The realization of the project was made possible by the support of the National Endowment for Democracy Foundation, Washington, and the Open Society Fund, Belgrade.


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