divanik, Conversations and interviews about media art, culture and society, kuda.org

divanik is a collection of interviews conducted in the period from 2001 to 2004 which represents intersection of research in the field of new technologies, culture and society. Interviews present network of people and organizations that make one part of the contemporary media art and theory scene. New media center_kuda.org monitored those phenomena that have interdisciplinary and intermedial character, and by inviting the significant protagonists in media art and theory the intention was to give to the local public an insight at the happenings in this field.

Research of the media is the research of the history of communication, and communication today is a bio-product of the information age, exchange of valuables in the capitalist coordinate system in which the concepts and ideas are treated as meaningful goods and products. On the other hand communication is also a tool that changes the same coordinate system.

As a communication practice the phenomenon of the interview is immanent to Internet culture. Interview represents concise form of communication and it is a useful instrument in the scientific work as meta-text that follows complex theory or artwork. In the interviews authors present contexts in which they were creating and their points of view and this direct communication through the actual questions presents real-time articulated energetic potential. That is also a chance to analyze and restructure certain topics in the form that couldn't occur in theoretic and artistic work. Interview is a sublimation of different aspects, overlapping and interdisciplinarity that at a given moment presents unique thinking system.

The development of information and communication technologies also brought along new social ontology that is manifested in the social, political and culture field. Instantaneity of history, accumulation and pace of technological development stipulates momentary reaction and critical analysis.

The goal of these interviews is to critically analyze and present to the wider audience certain art and socio-political phenomena. Within the kuda.read edition the accent is put on pointing out to the expanded referential system inside the new media and culture that spreads from the marginal social practice to academic theory and scientific research.

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