The Trans_European Picnic: The Art and Media of Accession,

On the occasion of the Trans_European Picnic that was held in Novi Sad, April 29-May 1, - Center for New Media published, a miscellany of works on the subjects of arts and media in accession. On May 1, 2004 the European Union expanded beyond its current "core Europe" constellation to include, for the first time, nations of the former Eastern and Non-Aligned Blocks. For these ten nations the "day of accession" is the opportunity to rejoin a European sphere, which, for many, was felt to have been robbed through the militarily enforced alliances of the Cold War. By recalling the pan-European Picnic of 1989 along the Austrian-Hungarian border, which induced the events leading to the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the Trans-European Picnic marked the resultant shift in Europe's geopolitical structure. For many however, the "opening" brought about by the events of 1989 are now to be met by "managed closure", restricted mobility, the revival of "visa regimes" delineating new barriers and borders as well as the imposition of new top-down regulations, bureaucracies and standards. With introduction texts by the editors,, Stephen Kovats and Nat Muller, the reader presents articles on the geopolitical context of European Union enlargement, art and media in transition, as well as information on the events, people and performances included in the program of the Picnic.

Among others, reader presents articles and essays by Ivana Momcilovic, Antonio Negri, Katherine Carl, Srdjan Jovanovic Vajs, Edit Andras, Nina Czegledy, Bojana Petric, Luchezar Bojadjiev, Basak Senova, Florian Schneider, interviews with Brian Holmes, Alan Toner, and other authors.

Reader "The Trans_European Picnic: The Art and Media of Accession" is the first publication from series that is initiated by - Center for New Media and Futura publikacije, Novi Sad (SCG). will focus on examining critical approaches towards new media culture, technologies, new cultural relations, contemporary artistic practice and the social realm.

The complete text of Reader "The Trans_European Picnic: The Art and Media of Accession", is available for free browsing and download as PDF files at:

Publisher: Futura publikacije, Novi Sad
Series editorial board:
Editorial board:, Nat Muller, Stephen Kovats
Translation into Serbian: Bojana Petrić, Orfeas Skutelis, Nikolina Knežević
Translation into English: David Williams
English Proofreading: Nat Muller, Bojana Petrić
Serbian Proofreading: Branka Ćurčić
Photo credits: Courtesy of the artists
Graphic design: Slavica Danić, Predrag Nikolić
Layout: Predrag Nikolić
Printed by Daniel print, Novi Sad
Print run: 2000
ISBN 86-7188-019-2

All texts are published under Creative Commons license unless otherwise indicated.
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 1.0

First publication
The following texts first appeared in publications or have been presented in events indicated below.

Ivana Momčilović, Demokratija za strance - opasnost po Evropu (Kampovi za strance u Evropi, opasnost po demokratiju, Seminar u Evropskom parlamentu, 24 - 25. 06. 2003.) / Democracy for Foreigners - Europe at Risk (Foreigners camps in Europe – Democracy at risk, Seminar at the European Parliament, 24 - 25. 06. 2003)

Luchezar Boyadjiev, Dosta sa razmenama! Umetnost, molim!, IFA-Stuttgart časopis, februar 2004 / No more exchange! Art, please!, IFA-Stuttgart magazine, February 2004

In memoriam Edvard Begović,