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Please find the zero issue on the "double crisis" at the address:

After more than three years of vigorous discussion, a collective book published in various languages and countless mobilizations all around the world, the edu-factory collective has decided to adopt a new instrument: a freely downloadable journal.

Like all our projects, this journal isn't simply another publication of experts but an active transnational laboratory founded on open, collective cooperation in both its contents as well as its editing and production process. It is an experiment born from the common production of shared knowledges, and resistance to exploitation inside and outside the universities. Moreover it is a step toward the goal of building up autonomous institutions.

The journal has two sections: "occupations" and "anomalies", which aim respectively to analyze transformations of the university and conflicts in knowledge production. The edu-factory journal has an editorial board, comprising critical scholars, students, and activists from all around the world, and it is open to free contributions.

Finally, by experimenting with forms of collective reading and review, it aims to question the traditional peer review processes, and to open new spaces of thinking, learning and struggle within and against the hierarchies of the global knowledge and university market.


Edu-factory collective
The Double Crisis: Living on the Borders

Christopher Newfield
The Structure and Silence of Cognitariat

George Caffentzis
The World Bank and the Double Crisis of African Universities

Jon Solomon
Reappropriating the Neoliberal University for a New
Putonghua (Common Language)

Stefano Harney
In the Business School

Ned Rossiter
The Informational University, the Uneven Distribution of
Expertise and the Racialization of Labour

Marc Bousquet
After Cultural Capitalism

Revista Multitud
The Double Crisis of the Chilean University

Pedro Barbosa Mendes
The Double Crisis of the University

Claudia Bernardi and Andrea Ghelfi
We Won't Pay for Your Crisis, We Will Create Institutions of the Common!

Lina Dokuzoviæ and Eduard Freudmann
Squatting the Crisis. On the current protests in education
and perspectives on radical change

Nothing Will Never Be the Same. Ten Thesis on the Financial