Enter UK 2008


Youth Center CK13 and Alternative Cultural Organization AKM
With the support of the British Embassy in Belgrade

ENTER UK 2008:
Influences of British culture and subculture on the Serbian cultural scene and social life

July 8, 9 and 10, 2008
The space of the Youth Center CK13 / entrance to all events is free

Modern societies, such as European ones, are not based exclusively on traditionalism and nationalism, but precisely on the values ​​of multiculturalism, on the unity of diversity and respect for the different. Modern Britain represents just such a type of society: British identity today is not only made up of traditional Anglo-Saxon elements but also Caribbean, Indian, Pakistani and African influences. Modern Britain is inconceivable without cricket, tea at five, football and double-decker buses as well as without the Caribbean and African musical influences or Pakistani and Indian food.

However, British society had difficult moments in its development until it reached today's level. But his experience undoubtedly proves that the unity of diversity is possible without large-scale conflicts, civil wars, and violence.

The most important product of British identity, but also its integral part, is British popular culture. At the same time, it is the most important export product of British society. From teddy boys, mods and rockers, to ska, reggae, and punk culture, British pop, and the electro scene, our daily lives would be unthinkable without the positive influence of British culture. Music, fashion, film art… the size of an empire is not measured by the number of colonies, but by the strength of cultural influence. That is why Britain has always been and is a true empire. From Novi Sad to Tokyo and New York, British culture is a phrase that is extremely important and whose impact on world culture is immeasurable.

One of the most famous moments of British culture is British humor: series and films that are characterized by a specific dose of humor and that enjoy popularity on all meridians. What is so specific in British humor, is there a special British type of humor, and what is the reason for its good reception both in Serbia and in other countries of the southern Slavs?

During the three days, July 8, 9, and 10, we will try to find the answer to these and many other questions through discussions, presentations, film screenings, and a music program, but mostly through unhindered mutual dialogue.

Tuesday, July 8
The identity of modern Britain

17h Discussion: The Identity of Contemporary Britain
Speakers: Marko Macura, Dušan Ristić and Petar Atanacković

19h Film screening: East is East (1999, UK, director: Damien O ’Donnell)

21h Music party: British alternative music scene

Wednesday, July 9
British pop culture and its influences

17h Discussion: British pop culture and its influences
Speakers: Teofil Pančić, Igor Todorović-Zgro and Stevan Gojkov Goja

19h Film screening: Two-tone Britain (2004, TV documentary, directed by Jason Collier)

21h Music party: DJ Goja (ska, reggae, brit-pop, electro)

Thursday, July 10
British humor as a brand

16h Discussion and screenings of British comedy series
Speakers: Alexei Kishyuhas and David Myers

Only fools and horses (one episode)
Monthy Python (one episode)
Fawlty Towers (one episode)
Black Adder (one episode)

After: local DJ support entertains guests

Youth Center CK13
Alternative cultural organization AKM

The project was supported by:
British Embassy in Belgrade