Fall 2020. Detelinara. New season and cooperation's. Technologies of artistic creation

Fall 2020. Detelinara

New season and cooperations

Technologies of artistic creation



Technologies of artistic creation

extended educational processes through art residencies and interactive workshops


In addition to the specific pandemic schedule, the school year 2020 made Detelinara different in that that the terra-local cooperation between Bogdan Šuput High Schools for Design and Center_kuda.org at Detelinara has began. The cooperation includes educational-workshop classes with students through interactive work with domestic and foreign lecturers in residencies. These activities take place through the Technologies of artistic creation program produced by kuda.org. The program is based on a basic introduction to the technological processes of creation, cooperation and sociability, with the aim of informing and training high school students, future young creators, for creative work in the field of modern technologies through methods and principles of joint creation, learning and dialogue. The program is based on problem-based learning, through which theoretical and practical knowledge about the creative use of modern technologies is gained through research, group analytical and critical activities, collaborative work and production. During the program, students gain knowledge about entire process of performing a creative concept and practical work, from intention and development of ideas, through consideration of possible examples and justifications in the field of culture, art, economy and social context, to full realization and presentation of their own work.

The cooperation is based on the idea of extended education with an emphasis on experiment, research and the collective work process, which is being developed as an upgrade of basic education programs. This procedure is a continuation of the valid recommendation of the Ministry of Education Republic of Serbia, which enables schools and gymnasiums to upgrade the contents that contribute to the enrichment of the curriculum with other forms of program work.

On Tuesday 13/10/2020, the first residency workshop was held with students of the High school for design Bogdan Šuput in cooperation with the art organization - Mini-pogon from Belgrade, Vahida Ramujkić, Danilo Prnjat, Tijana Cvetković and Chov Sing Tai. The Mini-pogon/Mini-Plant for production of commonness is an experimental production recycling plant that explores alternative methods of production, cooperative relationships, self-management and develops the concept of equity with an economic foothold. It is a project that implies intervention in the field of work (in culture), its deconstruction and a new creation within the marginal and discarded.

The members of Mini-pogon make their own means of production (plastic recycling machinery), collect raw materials, design products and place them on the market. The goal of the engagement is not only to build an economic self-sustainable process that finds an innovative way to create new value using marginalized and rejected (plastics and migrants), but also to think about the possibilities of social equality and equal redistribution in practice (company model).

At the first workshop, students had the opportunity to get acquainted with the phenomenon of plastic and material technology, environmental and economic topics, sustainable systems, with the basic functions of the machines: shredder, compressor, extruder, injector and ways to organize campaigns for collecting plastic waste which is needed for the next practical workshop.

Two workshops and one public event are planed ahead for this Fall jointley with the residents of Detelinara in front of the kuda.org's space.

Parts of these activities at Detelinara are realized and supported by the Goethe Institute Belgrade, Ministry of Culture Republic of Serbia through the program Own Room – artists-in-residencies and Association Independent Culture Scene of Serbia (NKSS) trough the Festival On its own drive.