Festival in Opposition: Borghesia - historicization, presentation, Neven Korda

Neven Korda, Ljubljana

Festival in Opposition: Borghesia - historicization, presentation, Neven Korda

"Festival in Opposition - Art and Politics of Improvisation"
OUR 'Accompanyings'
October 26 - 29, 2016
Place: Youth Center CK13
Vojvode Bojovića 13, Novi Sad
Organization: kuda.org

The do-it-yourself concept could mean a different way of production, which is the opposite of a hegemon. Or at least who, along with the ruling one, realizes and materializes other and different ways of production. Borghesia today is indisputably what it is today, not what it was until May 1989. This fact cannot be bypassed. The DIY principle lies outside Borghesia. That is, if it was at all possible to connect Borghesia with the ideologies and practices of otherness, it was necessary to cover up and suppress the facts of the mode of production, which, among other things, produced Borghesia.



The festival in opposition is part of the "Aesthetic Education Extended " project.



Festival in Opposition is realized within the broader project "Aesthetic Education Extended", in which the  Multimedijalni institut (HR), Kontrapunkt (MK), Kulturtreger/Booksa (HR), Berliner Gazette (DE) i kuda.org (RS). Project supported by: