grey) (area, program 2010


grey) (area - space of contemporary and media art, Korčula, Croatia

::: program 2010 :::

19 . 7 - 7 . 8
opening Monday 19th July 21 - 23 h
Dalibor Martinis: TV news 04. 09. 1974.

Dalibor Martinis does not want to introduce a subjective interpretation of the past, and he calls it 'Data Recovery'. The author uses this term to describe a 'partial recovery of lost data from the memory without the context that before the loss used to give them a positive, informative, social or other meaning. Just like the lost computer data, which is sometimes recovered only in fragments, disconnected from the original files, this process attempts to recover parts of actions, events or situations which have disappeared in our collective memory loss. What matters is that such event should not be contextualized through interpretations, historical constructions or manipulation of the lost memory. History is a perpetual stream of confabulations, spontaneous production of false memories.' On September 4, 1974 Dalibor Martinis created a video titled 'Still Life' which depicts a television set whose screen shows evening TV news. 35 years later, the author created a TV news which featured him reading the news exactly as transcribed from the 1974 evening programme. The TV news show was modern and contemporary regarding the aspects of technical characteristics, the equipment, design and the additional information presented on the screen (stock market information etc.), and only the content of the news belonged to a past era, past ideology and the former country.

7. 8. Saturday 21 - 22 h finissage 21 h
22 h Alexei Borisov (Russia) . concert

6 - 11 . 8 . various locations in the city
Andreja Kulunčić: Commercialization of the history
interventions in public space
/ program in collaboration with City Museum Korčula, Korčula / kor::net - Korčula network /

11 – 27 . 8
opening Wednesday 11th August 21 - 23 h
Guest curator Sarah Cook (Great Britan / Canada):
Marina Zurkow (USA): Elixir III (from the Elixir Series 2007-2009)
single channel animation

30 - 31. 8 . Fosa (street in front of the summer cinema)
Mihovil Pansini: Toilet
film projected at the very location where it was shot in 1963
/ program in collaboration with UIII, Zagreb, Croatian Film Association, Zagreb and City Museum Korčula /

1 - 3 . 9
opening Wednesday 1st September 21 - 23 h
Mihovil Pansini: How space remembers?
films: Osuđeni (1954), Brodovi ne pristaju (1955), Siesta (1958)
/ program in collaboration with the Croatian Film Association, Zagreb and City Museum Korčula /

25 . 9 - 1. 10
TIK - Time Inventor's Kabinet: Windclocks
workshop and presentation
/ program in collaboration with Okno (Brussels), COL-ME (Bratislava) and ESC (Graz) /

gray) (area presents works of contemporary and media art with focus on ones that fills the gap between those two art-worlds and discourses. Preferable are programs that shifts the media and skipping the frame of simple definitions and interpretations.

gray) (area operates form the city of Korcula at Korcula island in Croatia, enjoying the free position of the cultural periphery and challenge of no context of neither contemporary nor media art within the close neighborhood. Periphery provides freedom of established cultural power-games, predictable fashionable key-words and double criteria [that depend on geo-political position of the art-producer] and other positions of predictable artist reputation's building system of cultural industry, and become present even within the small media art culture circles.

gray) (area is protocol between a white cube and a black box.
gray) (area is sensing creative economy of 21st Century in error.
gray) (area is hub of grey economy.
gray) (area is operating system of
gray) (area prefers diving in a crystal blue sea than silicon one.
gray) (area prefers periphery than center.
gray) (area like speaking Bad english.
grey) (area is interested in Mediterranean region

Apart of gray) (area gallery, exhibition program is realized in public spaces of the city of Korčula, radio and internet, as well in parner’s galleries through an informal association the kor::net (Korčula Network), namely Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Vela Luka and 3 Volta Gallery, Lumbarda, blog golly&bossy and City Museum in Korčula.

participants in gray) (area program since 2006: Veaceslav Ahunov, (Uzbekistan), Abilsait Atabekov (Kazahstan), Dunja Blažević, Samuel Cepeda (Mexico), Boris Cvjetanović (Zagreb), Nina Czegledy (Canada), Gem Sqash (Adam Hyde and Ntsikelelo Ntshingila), Petar Grimani (Croatia), Ulan Djaparov (Kazahstan), Ivan Faktor (Osijek), Lemeh 42 (Italy), Faruk Lončarević (Bosnia and Hercegovina), Ivan Marusic Klif (Croatia), Toni Mestrović (Croatia), Alban Muja (Kosova), Marcus Neustetter (South Africa), Edita Pecotić (Korčula / London), Ana Peraica (Split), PRO.BA (Bosnia and Hercegovina), Radioqalia (Adam Hyde and Honnor Hager, New Zealand), Lala Raščić (Sarajevo – Zagreb), Stefan Rusu (Moldavia / Romania), Tomo Savić-Gecan (Zagreb - Amsterdam), Slaven Tolj (Dubrovnik), Transfer (Zagreb), Goran Trbuljak (Zagreb), Alexandr Ugay (Kazahstan), Dražen Vitolović (Sovinjak / Rijeka) i Enes Zlatar (Bosnia and Hercegovina).


open daily 21 - 22 h or by appointment . free entrance

gallery: Put sv. Nikole 7 . Korcula
mail: po box 95 . 20260 Korcula . Croatia
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