ID: IDENTITY - Workshop by the initiative OPEN DESIGN STUDIO at the opening of the exhibition ID: Ideology of Design

Authors: Marko Brkić, Katarina Lukić Balažikova

Collaborative work on the logo of exhibition ID:Ideology

Opening process: October 23rd, 2009. (during exhibition opening) – November 22nd, 2009. (closing process – day before the closing of the exhibition)

Project ID: Identity is collaborative work on ID: Ideology of Design exhibition logo presented as web platform, restricted to the duration of the exhibition. Redesigning first existing logo proposal is enabled through the upload/download option on the website of the project and starts with the exhibition opening. Possibility of redesigning only the last posted proposal of the logo on the website restricts the field of creativity and authors' inspiration, but it could also lead to better solutions. This process demonstrates never-ending redesigning as permanent process of identity change, which constantly redefines the very ideology of event. Further on, redesign and permanent redefining of the identity represent an example of competitive character of the design in the function of its permanent demand for innovation.

Significance of redesigning and creating exhibition identity while the exhibition is open lies also in the viewing identity as a retrospective action, not as instantly formulated visual representation. Identity of the exhibition is formed at its ending, revealing all existing redesigned logo suggestions.

Design performance – open work on exhibition catalogue

Participants: Marko Brkić, Katarina Lukić Balažikova
November 10th, 2009. - November 11th, 2009. / 10.00 - 20.00

Speed of work and deadline became criterion of quality and quantity, and together with price define and deform design production of today. Working under pressure influences results and participants. The need of fast reaction, increased concentration and fast communication is omnipresent.

Project ID: Deadline design performance represents open studio, where two graphic designers (Marko Brkić and Katarina Lukić Balažikova) together, directly in the exhibition space of Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, under time pressure and unpleasant physical and psychical conditions are creating catalogue of the exhibition.


Open Design Studio is an independent initiative of graphic designers aiming to support open understanding of visual communication and graphic design. Main aim of Open Design Studio is realizing educational and informative activities for different target groups and supporting open understanding and comprehension of visual culture through workshops, play, lectures and discussions. One of the aims of these activities is building international network of designers that openly discuss, present, create, understand and inform about things related to visual communication and graphic design. Project Open Design Studio is dealing with contemporary problems in the realm of graphic design and visual culture from different aspects and opens new possibilities of viewing graphic design as free and open discipline, helps development of collaborative practice of young designers and their networking which helps increasing visual literacy and visual culture in the society.

Involvement of Open Design Studio in ID exhibition: Ideology of Design is based on play, collaboration and experiment. Two projects, that will be presented to the public are based on notions – psychological pressure, deadline, speed and identity – represent ideologies that define design as open and collaborative discipline, but also show the phenomena of contemporary society.

Psychological pressure, speed and deadline shape design and the designer in the sense of fulfilling constantly increasing demands of industry based on fast capitalistic development. Identity and its need of precise defining on the market show that graphic design through corporative identities became not only carrier of individual characteristics but carrier of ideology of corporations themselves.

Design is considered in the standard sense as enclosed and individualistic discipline, that can be viewed as team effort only in the context of advertising because of prosperity and efficiency on the market. Taking part in the exhibition Open Design Studio points out the problem of opening the work of graphic designer in Vojvodina, and Serbia as well and show the potential of design as one perspective collaborating discipline.