Interview with architect Emil Jurcan, Pula

Emil Jurcan

Emil Jurcan talks about the Pulska Grupa, the cooperative Praksa, the "use" of architecture, utilities, etc.

Emil Jurcan is an architect, one of the founders of the architectural cooperative Praksa, a member of the Pulska Grupa and the Civic Initiative for Muzil, in Pula, Croatia. and Civil Initiative for Muzil. These initiatives deal with the organization of public debates, protests, political pressures, workshops, conferences, publications, and exhibitions on the issue of privatization of public resources, especially abandoned military complexes in Pula.

Pulska Grupa is an informal group of architects from Pula. Since 2006, the group has gathered a narrow circle of 8 members - Ivana Debeljuh, Vjekoslav Gasparovic, Emil Jurcan, Jerolim Mladinov, Marko Percic, Sara Perovic, Helena Sterpin, and Edna Strenja, as well as many others. One of the first activities of the group was to organize a student workshop in the former military zone, Katarina, in Pula. The results of the workshop published in the book "Katarina 06 - opening of the Pula coast" caused a public conflict with the political elite, because they completely deviated from the official plans for this part of the coast. Since then, the group publishes publications, organizes demonstrations and exhibitions to agitate the audience towards self-organized urbanism in Pula, especially when it comes to the problem of the sea coast.

Pula Group:

The interview was realized within the realization of the TV show Open Barracks, produced by and associates, in 2011. The interview with Emil Jurcan was conducted by journalist Dragan Gmizić from Novi Sad, with members of

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