Interview with Lidija Radojević and Primož Krašovec, DPU, Ljubljana

Lidija Radojević, Primož Krašovec

Lidija Radojević and Primož Krašovec talk about the Delavsko Punkerska Univerza in Metelkova.

Workers' Punk University (Delavsko Punkerska Univerza) is an educational project that provides active education related to current political topics that are clearly avoided by recognized academic circles. For a long time, the self-sufficient knowledge of recognized universities has failed to address issues related to workers, punks, and other marginalized groups, that is, today's social and political reality, which is at a turning point. Workers' Punk University is a project within the Institute for Peace in Ljubljana. The project started in 1996 and is an alternative to official educational institutions. The university is based on collective work and strives to develop critical thinking and open new perspectives regarding the burning issues of today. The annual activities of the University are lectures once a week (every year there is a new subject that lasts throughout the academic year) on selected issues (previous subjects were related to Revolution, new right, love, and politics, new left, postfordism, political ecology, totalitarianism, etc. .); seminars on the interpretation of Marxism and other important social theories (Marx, Marcuse, Brecht, Freud, Altiser, St. Paul, Rousseau, etc. have been studied so far) and a symposium or summer/spring school (previous ones were dedicated to Kant, Adorno, tolerance, Grundrisse, etc.). All events of the Workers' Punk University take place in the former Metelkova barracks in Ljubljana.

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Metelkova or Autonomous Cultural Center Metelkova is an autonomous social center in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It is located on the site of the former Yugoslav army barracks and was squatted in 1993. Today, Metelkova consists of numerous independent spaces for artistic activities (studios, galleries), concerts, lectures, discussions, then offices for non-governmental organizations, a youth hostel, etc. Today, AKC Metelkova is under a strong blow of "normalization" and gentrification.

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The interview was realized within the realization of the TV show Open Barracks, produced by and associates, in 2011. The interview with Lidija Radojević and Primož Krašovac was conducted by journalist Dragan Gmizić from Novi Sad, with members of

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