kuda.org recommends, Radio Art Zone: INSIDE BROADCAST, A Day in Other People’s Ears by Chris Cutler

Radio Art Zone:

A Day in Other People’s Ears by Chris Cutler


Radio Art Zone is a 100-day radio art station for Esch2022, which will be broadcast in the south of Luxembourg by Radio ARA on 87.8 FM. It will also be live-streamed for a worldwide audience and transmitted by a network of international partners.

The Radio Art Zone schedule consists of two daily programmes: newly-commissioned 22-hour radio productions created by more than 100 international and local artists, and 2-hour live shows from kitchens in the community.

We especially highlight the program edited by musician and producer Chris Cutler who edited the program for July 12, 2022 and in which we collaborated in the process of its creation.

…welcome to the zone where radio and art mix freely!