kuda.org/GCP and Zoran Todorović, Marina Vishmidt i Anthony Iles at the exhibition „Nuisance Values“ in Innsbruck

NUISANCE VALUE exhibition, participants:
Andrea Bellu & Matei Bellu
Focus Group with Audrey Morency, Anouk Müller, Paul Olk, Laura Winterberg
Anthony Iles & Marina Vishmidt
kuda.org & Conceptual Policy Group & Zoran Todorovic
Benjamin Tiven & Erik Wysocan
curator: Andrei Siclodi

* Kunstpavillon - Tiroler Künstlerschaft, Innsbruck

* Opening: Thursday, June 16, 2016, 7 p.m.

The exhibition takes place as part of the International Fellowship Program for Art and Theory Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen.


Members of kuda.org and GKP together with Zoran Todorović are participating in the exhibition at the invitation of Marina Vishmidt and Anthony Iles, who stayed in Innsbruck during 2016/16 as part of this international program. years. Anthony Iles and Marina Vishmidt are collaborators of kuda.org within the ongoing international project "Aesthetic Education Expanded ", in which the collaborating organizations are: Multimedia Institute and Kulturtreger / Books from Zagreb, Berliner Gazette, and Kontrapunkt from Skopje.

Intervention kuda.org/GCP at the exhibition:

Lavež/Bark is an audio-visual installation in which the element of the form of a work of art - Several panoramas for phenomenology by the irrational artist Zoran Todorović - creates the work Lavež, whose "guidance" is an element of the form of a work of art. and Anthony Ilesa. This is an open work and an intervention by which the artistic organization is at a distance from the work of art as a form of culturalization of art policy.

Wider description and contextualization of the intervention:

Lavež/Bark (kuda.org/GCP) is a contribution and adaptation of one element of the work Several Panoramas for an Irrational Phenomenology, by the artist Zoran Todorović. In connection with their research and publishing activities dedicated, among other things, to the Belgrade group of Surrealists, Zoran Todorović invited members of kuda.org/GCP to participate in the artistic work that represents and sets a series of three conversations (at this time; the work is in development) in resonant places of cultural and political discussions in the former Yugoslavia. In each of these places, discussion participants: Biljana Andonovska, Ivana Momcilovic, and Slobodan Karamanic, and GCP members Branka Curcic and Zoran Gajic, tried to open the histories, tensions, and contemporary conditions of cultural production in the former Yugoslavia, through their views on the role of Belgrade. surrealist groups in the war and political events in the former Yugoslavia. The three places presented in Todorović's panoramas are the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, Serbia; Sutjeska, a national park and the site of one of the key battles in World War II, a turning point for communists and partisans in the fight against the Axis Powers and a place where the surrealist poet Konstantin "Koca" Popovic demonstrated his attitude to leave his pen and take up arms to fight as a partisan; Vrnjacka Banja, where Marko Ristic, as another of the key Belgrade Surrealists, waited for the end of the war in uncomfortable comfort (remorse) in the Sanatorium.

The intervention of the members of kuda.org/GCP is to include another place, this time not the one that was seen as a place of past historical events and places but as a current place of controversy that is still going on on that issue. The question of art and politics. The audio statement in this intervention is a statement of the GCP on the occasion of current struggles in the field of artistic and activist activities in the current situation in the former Yugoslavia. http://konceptualnapolitika.blogspot.rs/2013/03/rep-za-repom-jato-grabljivica.html

The work is not translated (into English, at the moment), and so it tries to be experienced in its interpretive complexity and singularity. Lavež also refers to the previous work of Zoran Todorović, Gypsies and Dogs, which caused controversy in the field, and around which there was a discussion about political correctness, which is another type of culturalization of politics and culturalization of art politics. This work consists of a work in which the cameras are hung on stray dogs and Roma children begging in the street and who record scenes that testify to the situation in which they find themselves, without being seen exclusively by the mechanical eye of the camera. The freedom of interpretation and organization on the occasion of the work encouraged the members of kuda.org/GCP to turn a deaf ear to the necessity of translation, understanding and interpretation and answers with the part that stretches "... Panorama ..." keeping it open not only for interpretation and understanding , but to build on the experience that aesthetic art provokes.


Within the exhibition, a number of public events were organized, and one of them is:
Betrayal and form: Reflections on art and thought
Friday, June 17, 2016, 7 p.m.
Participants: Anthony Iles, kuda.org & Group for Conceptual Politics, Marina Vishmidt

The public interview was initiated by Anthony Iles & Marina Vishmidt

For other events within the exhibition see: http://www.buchsenhausen.at/modules.php?op=modload&name=PagEd&file=index&topic_id=15&page_id=995