Lecture and Audio Performance by sound artist Novi_sad from Athens, 26th of February, Youth Center CK13, Novi Sad


Youth Center CK13, Novi Sad
Vojvode Bojovića 13, www.ck13.org

Thursday, 26.02.2009.
Presentation and performance of audio artist Novi_sad, Athens

19:00, Lecture
22:00, Audio performance

Novi_sad (Thanasis Kaproulias, b. 1980) has graduated from the Economic University of Piraeus. He lives and works in Athens, Greece. Influenced by the pioneers of audio assault, he began generating sounds in 2005. Amplified environmental recordings, drone manipulations, structured ambient soundscapes, microtones vs overtones, all come together in a hyperstructure of the iconoclastic form. Novi_sad’s artistic output displays a high level of technical ability, as well as a sensitivity to the nuances of location. The strength of his soundscapes works in the same elaborateness for the whole creation process, starting from a basis of very strong conceptualism, the intense examination of field recordings over the actual composition work, to the point of performing back the result onto location.

Every sound that occurs is treated with a sculptural integrity and his sonic power operates on a level in which the audience participates as transcendental listeners. His approach is similar to the 'cinema pour l'oreille' (cinema for the ear) and in turn, would like to ‘donner à voir’ (lead to seeing) by means of sound. Being immersed in his sonic environment offers an absolutely visceral experience. His music has been described as 'transcendent departure from the sense of space', 'ambiance for spaceports', 'haunting streams of consciousness on the edge of clinical abduction', and 'thunderous deep ambient drones'.

Some of his projects are primarily focused on architectural acoustics and the relationship between architecture and sound. His debut album ‘Misguided heart pulses, a hammer, she and the clock’ -despite limited promotional resources- found plenty of receptive ears, receiving glowing reviews in music media around the world. Recently, Novi_sad did a recording session at the prestigious VPRO studios in Amsterdam, for the Dutch National Radio. This work, will be released by Staalplaat in the ‘Mort Aux Vaches’ series. His audio works have been available from labels such as Sedimental and Touch. He has performed his work live in cinemas, industrial spaces, theatres, churches, museums, galleries, squats, and in festivals like Ultrahung, Observatori, Field recordings festival, Full-Pull, Video dance a.o.