Modernity in YU, Marko Lulić


Marko Lulić born in Vienna, Austria in 1972. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna in 1997. Artist-in-residence in Nice (1996); Pasadena (1997); Los Angeles (1998). in 2000 he received a scholarship from Austrian government.

Marko Lulić, Vienna

"It is my intention to acquire subjectively chosen moments of Yugoslav post-war moderne and use them in my objects and videos." (Marko Lulić)

Through his works, Marko Lulić points at the fact that in post-war, then-non-democratic Yugoslavia there were a number of works of moderne which completely corresponded to those from the west. Marko Lulić sees Yugoslav moderne as an authentic occurrence, as an amalgam of Western modernism and East-European communism. Renewal of modernism (characterised as bourgeoisie decadency) was a state- and ideological project arising from Tito's conflict with Stalin and Informbureau and from his closer relations with the USA.
Various elements of 'modernity' are present in design, sculpture, architecture and films. This modernity is a sore and a trauma for ex-Yugoslav republics, for it was them who destroyed it in 90s with their anti-modernistic hysteria. In his works, Marko Lulić incorporates specific modernistic arte-facts of contemporary society, thus presenting them equally valuable as achievements of modernism in the west.