NOISM 2021 #1 art residency program: Burkhard Stangl and Nenad Marković, September 09-12, 2021, studio

NOISM 2021 #1 art residency program

in the period from September 9 to 12, 2021, an intensive creative sessions of two artists from Vienna and Novi Sad, Burkhard Stangl (guitar, electronics) and Nenad Marković (trumpet) will take place at studio.

Creating a musical work in the moment, through a focus on electro-acoustic improvisation, these sessions of creative work are directed towards free floating music, improvisation in an endless landscape of sounds, through interaction expanding musical language and sound spectrum in a unique combination of instruments.

This sessions is part of the artistic residency of the NOISM program, which aims to develop new artistic production in the field of collective creation and improvisation, and which due to the viral pandemic and the impossibility of public appearance will be filmed and recorded and focused on the realization of a new edition within the NOISM program.

NOISM 2021 program is implemented with the support of the Austrian Cultural Forum Belgrade, City administration for culture of Novi Sad, Ministry of Culture of Republic of Serbia and FfAI foundation.