Peripheral Visions: Maska: Open Call for Yugofuturistic (performing arts) production

Peripheral Visions: Maska: Open Call for Yugofuturistic (performing arts) production


Creators are invited to apply to the open call for a YUFU production, open until December 31, 2022, which will be executed by the Maska production institute.


The submitted applications will be evaluated by a committee consisting of Pia Brezavšček, Tina Dobnik, Alja Lobnik and Aleš Mendiževec.

Creators will be notified of the decision in February 2023.

The premiere of the production is scheduled for January 2024.

E: [email protected]


At Maska, we proposed and perpetuated the theme of Yugofuturism discursively through two issues of the magazine (Yugofuturism and the present issue of YUFU 2.0) and three conferences (Precarity or Self-management? in 2020, the JUFU conference within the Graphic Biennale Ljubljana 2021 and Yugofuturism: The Swish of the Tracksuit of the Future at Bitef 2022). It is time we deepen it with practice and enable artistic research on the topic to a selected artist with this open call.

Yugofuturism has not one definition, but it leaves no one indifferent. We want it to become not just a concept but rather an independent self-evolving and full-blooded movement. It already lives and blooms in different milieus simultaneously, it dwells in the melting of the languages ​​of the former common state, in the rustle of tracksuits, in the sound of popular music or in the in-depth theoretical considerations about the transition in the Balkans. To imagine a possible common future would mean to empower this peripheral position, and give it space to suddenly expand, and with it, to surprisingly expand also our imaginations. If theater first raises the curtain on the future, what is this that we see on stage like?

What do we expect?
A proposal (content and form description) for a performance, which is related to the author’s interpretation of the topic Yugofuturism in the length of no more than one typed page and a brief presentation of the author/s and the main collaborators. 

What can you expect if you are selected?
Year-round organizational and production support within the agreed framework, the possibility of cooperation with Maska’s collective and an international working group in the development and design of the project.


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