PRESS RELEASE: The second attack on the premises of CK13 in the last week


On Monday, August 1, 2011, around 10 pm, an unknown person threw an explosive device at the entrance to the yard of the Youth Center CK13. At that moment, a screening of the film was taking place in the yard, which was attended by around fifteen people. Explosive caused a loud explosion, and the big smoke spread throughout the yard. No one in the audience was hurt. This is the second attack on the premises of CK13 in the last four days. The previous attack took place last Thursday, July 28, 2011, around 10 pm, also during the screening of the film, when the Club window was smashed with a stone, and the glass sank into the shutters, which, fortunately, were closed. Last night, as after the previous incident, the police conducted an investigation after 20 minutes. We strongly condemn this and any other act of violence. We remind you that it is important to react and name a crime when it occurs in this form because it is a serious threat to human security. We remind you that the Youth center CK13 continues with its activities and the realization of the program, which engages young people who are trying to contribute and critically look at the society we live in. We invite citizens to join us in the fight against nationalism, fascism, homophobia, in the fight for human rights and the rights of minority groups, in the fight for gender equality, in the fight for freedom of expression and respect for all forms of diversity. Therefore, we note: any type of attack on CK13 is also an attack on the values ​​we stand for. We link the current situation in the city, yesterday's attack on the premises of the Islamic Community in Futoška Street, and the attacks on the premises of CK13, as attacks on cultural institutions and obvious violent acts of extreme nationalism. We call on citizens, civil society organizations, and the media to react to these and all other types of aggression! We appeal for a more efficient reaction of the Novi Sad police and the city administration, to which the citizens of Novi Sad have placed their trust. We expect the city administration to find the perpetrators as soon as possible and announce their identities to the public. Staff of the Youth Center CK13 Youth Center CK13 Vojvode Bojovića 13, Novi Sad [email protected] tel / fax: +381 (0) 21/47 - 37 - 601