PRESS RELEASE: Youth Center CK13 is under attack, again


On the night between September 28th and 29th, around 3 am, three explosive devices were thrown at the Center, two of which started a fire. The explosives were thrown over the gate of the Center into the yard. The fire was prevented by guests from abroad who slept in the Center last night. No one was injured. After the police investigation, it was determined that the so-called Molotov cocktails are used. The CK13 youth center was attacked for the fourth time in the last two months. The attacks were reported, the attackers were never found. This attack is a dangerous threat to human security and could have caused serious damage. The youth center CK13 points to the increase in violence in society, to the atmosphere of fear established by pro-Nazi organizations in our city. As a Center that deals with the situation in our society and critically approach the problems of society, we decided to, in cooperation with the Novi Sad Lesbian Organization - NLO, do a little research on the situation on the streets of Novi Sad. We conducted the research between 10.09. and 27.09. During this period, fifteen street attacks took place on the streets of our city, which were reported to the Youth Center CK13 and the Novi Sad Lesbian Organization - NLO. These attacks were carried out during the day and mainly against persons of the gay and lesbian population. None of the mentioned attacks were reported to the police. Victims of attacks cite  report that as the main reasons for not reportingto the officials is distrust in the institutions. The youth center CK13 appeals to the local police, city and provincial administration to do everything in their power and stand to protect the citizens. The policy of tolerating violence, tolerating organized violent groups, as well as finding justifications for them, gives legitimacy to the attackers and encourages the insecure atmosphere that is produced in our city and the entire country.

Youth Center CK13 continues its activities. Our policy is non-violent and our attitude is based on respect for all people, regardless of their differences. We are convinced that only in this way can we all live freely. CK13 Youth Center Staff