The reader from the Konference: Faculty of De-programming for Obsolescence! Welcome!, is published by


The title of the reader
Faculty of De-programming for Obsolescence! Welcome!

The reader is made within and after the (anti-) conference Faculty of De-programming for Obsolescence! Welcome!, which was held on February 27&28th 2014, in the Youth Center CK13 in Novi Sad, in production and organization by

Editors of the reader and of the conference: Howard Slater &

Content of the reader:
You too can be a leftist activist!, 2nd part: Leftist conferences and summer schools, Group for Orgonetherapy by Communism
‘Sitting In’- from Autodidacticism to Unconsciousness Raising, Howard Slater
Antiuniversity of London – An Introduction to Deinstitutionalisation, Jakob Jakobsen
The Case of Thwarted (Doctoral) Work, Nikoleta Marković
A Place for Competence, Petar Atanacković
Dietzgen’s Monism Enters the Twentieth Century, Fabian Tompsett
To Make It Happen – Communicating With the Invisible, Kasper Opstrup
Anti-historicism of Anti-/-Free University, Branka Ćurčić
A Feast in February, 1971/2014, Zoran Gajić

Music CD within the reader contains the sound from the first day of the (anti-) conference, in duration of 30’, and it is entitled "9th Channel: Solidarnosk".
The time and the date of texts readings within the conference: From 19:00 to 19:30, February 27th 2014

the sound from the music CD could be heard here:

New Media, Novi Sad
ISBN 978-86-88567-11-4

Year of publishing

Languages of the reader
Serbo-Croatian and English

Translation & proof-reading
Howard Slater, & GKP

Graphic layout & SPUTNJIK

Photography at the covers
Inspired by documentation of the Antiuniversity of London, 1968. Photography is made in March 2014 in the Youth Center CK13.

Inspired by visual poetry of Bob Cobbing made for the covers of one magazine published by the Antiuniversity of London, 1968. typewriting machine TOPS M 1. & Erorr

Illustrations at the bordering pages
Photographs of the “sentenced“ cloth made during the discussion of the second day of the conference, February 28th 2014.

Daniel print, Novi Sad


The reader is published under the copy-left.

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