october/november, 2020

Program Technologies of artistic creation

Cooperation between and SS for design Bogdan Šuput Novi Sad


The cooperation between the Bogdan Šuput High School of Design and the at Detelinara began with a series of educational workshops in 2020. The cooperation includes the implementation of educational block classes with students through the bringing of local and international lecturers and is part of the Technologies of artistic creation program. The program is conceived as a work on the introduction to technological spaces and processes of creation, cooperation and sociability, with the aim of training high school students, ie. future young creators, for creative work in the field of modern technologies through methods and principles of joint creation, learning and dialogue. The program is based on problem-based learning, through which through research, group analytical and critical activities, collaborative work and production, theoretical and practical knowledge about the creative use of modern technologies is gained. During the program, students gain insight into the entire process of performing a creative concept and practical work, from intention and development of an idea, through consideration of possible application and justification in the field of culture, art, economy and social context, to full realization and presentation of their own work.

The idea relies on extended education with an emphasis on experiment, research and the collective work process, which is being developed as an upgrade to the basic education program. This procedure is a continuation of the valid recommendation of the Ministry of Education, which enables schools and gymnasiums to upgrade the contents that contribute to the enrichment of the curriculum with other forms of work.

The goal is to create new social values by encouraging young people to actively participate in society through active participation in culture and society. Informing young people is crucial for their activism and the key to young people's participation in building a democratic society. On the other hand, a small number of young people are informed about their rights, opportunities, forms of participation and active involvement in society, and opportunities to take responsibility for the future of the community.

The experience, contacts, resources and archives are made available to students and teachers as an extended means of education, opening up a new field for personal development and improvement. Also the two-decade practice of in international art projects and promotions, network of collaborators, curators, artists, theorists, etc. enables indirect connection and expansion of the activities of the School and students. This also allows connecting the civil sector and the formal education system, exchanging experiences, expanding the field of education with non-formal forms of education, and different levels of cooperation with domestic and international artists, which can lead to the birth and realization of some new, fresh ideas and values.

The development of intersectoral cooperation of educational institutions with scientific, cultural, sports and other institutions in this case takes place through the cooperation of the high school for design Bogdan Šuput and civil society organizations: Association of Citizens from Novi Sad and Association MINIPOGON from Belgrade.