World Information Institute presents "Civilization, Technology and Consciousness", Peter Lamborn Wilson

World Information Institute presents

"Civilization, Technology and Consciousness"

Peter Lamborn Wilson


The World Information Institute published the book 'Digital Unconscious' in 2021, one part of which was written by Peter Lamborn Wilson under the title 'A Short History of Consciousness'. This was the motive to continue the dialogue with him after the book, and to develop an appendix, and through several more conversations about consciousness, magic, and the critique of rationality, a one-hour interview "Civilization, Technology and Consciousness" took shape.

Hakim Bey died on May 23rd 2022 one day after what come to be the last session.
So this interview is a kind of homage at the same time.
Peter Lamborn Wilson
Hakim Bey


A short excerpt of from a 57 Minute Video interview with Peter Lamborn Wilson (1945-2022), aka Hakim Bey, conducted during the pandemic years of 2020-2022.


A video by World-Information.Net: Konrad Becker/Felix Stalder

Camera: Fred Barney Taylor, NY

Support: Jim Fleming, Lewanne Jones

Postproduction: Georg Schütz

Sound: Konrad Becker, (57min. 2022)

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